Baltz Sunday Storytime

and Weekly Announcements December 5, 2021

Things You Should Know This Week

Hello Baltz Families!

Reminder: School Doors open at 8:45. There is no supervision outside before 8:45. Walkers should not arrive at school before 8:45.

Registration for the PTA- Pictures with Santa- which is happening on Saturday December 11 from 9-11:30am is CLOSED NOW. Tickets with the Reservation times will be sent home with children on Monday.

Help Wanted: We are looking for Parent Volunteers to help with setup/decorations for Pictures with Santa on 12/10 4-5:30 pm or during the event on 12/11 from 8:30-11. If you are able to help, please contact Principal Amy O'Neill at

Continue reading below to learn more about:

  • Sunday Storytime- New episode.
  • Girls on The Run- read about their season and their service project
  • Coming Soon- Mark Your Calendars
  • PTA Meeting On Tuesday- Event Details Below
  • Spotlights on Learning
  • Daily Covid-19 Screener info for Staff and Students
  • Baltz Title 1 School Information
  • Resources for Parents: Dress Code Details, Links for the General Parent Handbook and the MTSS (Positive Behavior ) Parent handbooks and other parent resources


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Sunday Storytime

  • Ms. Mullen reads Grumpy Monkey
  • Staff Spotlight: Dr. Harry (Our Behavior Interventionist)- Loves Art!
  • This Week's Mindful Minute: Mrs. Papa and Ms. Uhrick: Helpful Thought/Unhelpful Thoughts
  • Check out the episode so that you will be able to answer the BIG QUESTION!
Grumpy Monkey Sunday Storytime S3 EP14 HD 720p

Congratulations to the Baltz Girls on the Run Team!

Congratulations to our Baltz Girls on the Run team who completed a 5K run today! They have been training for weeks. Many thanks to their coaches Ms. Flowers and Ms. Mullen and to all of the parents and family members who attended and were running buddies for our Girls on the Run.

In addition to their running, they are heading a service project. They will be collecting money, pet food, toys, bedding, and more to donate for local animal shelters. Thanks Girls on the Run for your Hard Work and Leadership! They are accepting donations through December 10th.

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  • December 7th -PTA Meeting- 5:30 Zoom
  • December 10th - Brilliant Bear Award Ceremony
  • December 11th - Pictures with Santa- reservations required
  • December 22nd - Bear Buck Bash- Winter Workshop - in classrooms
  • December 23- January 2nd - Winter Vacation
  • January 3rd, 2022 - School Resumes for Students
  • 100th Episode Celebration of Sunday Storytime is coming January 14th

Baltz Bears PTA Meeting

Tuesday, Dec. 7th, 5:30pm

This is an online event.

Click here for the Zoom Link.

Next Meeting is December 7th at 5:30 Via Zoom.

Agenda Includes:

  • Introductions
  • We need a Treasurer
  • Principal's Report
  • Volunteers needed for Pictures with Santa event
  • Math Night
  • PTA Reflections Program
  • Recruiting Members
  • Fundraising Updates
  • New Business

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Spotlight on Learning in the First Marking Period!


Kindergarteners are learning and growing everyday! They have mastered classroom routines such as: the quiet signal, putting up bear paws, and walking in a line in the hallway. All the Kindergarten classes are working hard to show the 3 Be’s each day in school. Be safe, Be kind, and Be on task. Earlier in October, the Elsmere Fire Company visited Kindergarten to talk about fire safety, what a firefighter does and the tools and equipment they use. They even got to hear a fire truck siren and see the truck up close!

In reading, we are learning to identify uppercase and lowercase letters and the sounds they make. Kindergarten classes just finished reading multiple stories about animals and their homes and are answering text based questions. We are also practicing proper grip on pencils and crayons when writing.

In math, students are working on identifying numbers 0-10. We are learning to count to 10 and find groups of numbers. Students have also been introduced to shapes: circles, squares and rectangles.

The first marking period's science focus was on trees: parts of a tree and how trees change during each season. In social studies, we talked about communities and rules for learners. Mrs. Papa and Ms. Uhrick taught lessons about big and small problems and how to use Kelso’s choices to solve small problems all by yourself. Ask your child to share one of Kelso’s choices with you! Finally, as the weather gets colder, we are still going outside to the playground for recess. Please make sure your child has a coat and appropriate clothing for the weather. Thank you!

First Grade

First graders are really growing their brains in these first few months of school! They are focusing on retelling the beginning, middle, and end of stories. To become great writers, we are thinking about all the important things our sentences need like capital letters, finger spaces, best handwriting, end marks, and it should make sense! We are also starting to work on asking and answering questions based on informational books. Our first graders love challenging their brains with reading and writing; they also enjoy challenging math equations! They have been practicing different strategies to solve addition equations, now we are working on strategies for subtraction! All of our hard workers have learned about what makes a good leader and how to vote for one in social studies; now we are learning about the weather in science. Ms. Flowers, Ms. Herrick, Ms. Mullen, Ms. Simmons, Mrs. Campanella, and Mrs. Lockley are so excited to continue growing with our friends this school year!

Second Grade

Happy Fall Second Grade Families!

We have had a great start to our school year! Students started the year making new friends & practicing learning expectations to follow the 3 Be’s - Be Safe, Be Kind, Be on Task!

We learned about perseverance and growth mindset during Second Step, where students learned strategies they can use when they make a mistake. They are experts using helpful thoughts to persevere like, “I Can Do Hard Things”! We will continue to practice these skills as we learn more throughout the year!

In Math, we began the year reviewing First Grade skills and strategies. We have become masters at solving complex word problems! In ELA, we wrote 2 of our own stories related to the texts we have been reading about Communities. We learned to use text features such as illustrations & captions to support our comprehension. These stories paired perfectly with our Social Studies curriculum as we learned about Rules & Respect within Communities.

In Science we made real life observations as we began our Insects unit, observing many types of insects and learning about their life cycles. Our student scientists were SO excited as they watched caterpillars grow, build their chrysalises, & turn into beautiful butterflies!

We appreciate all of the parent support and communication we have received throughout the start of the school year. You can continue to support your child at home by practicing sight words with them, practicing math fluency, & reading together at home!

Third Grade

Throughout the Fall! Students have been very busy exploring and applying new skills in all content areas. So far, in Math we have introduced the new skills of multiplication and division and their properties. In ELA, we have read stories focusing on understanding the characters, how to describe them and figuring out why they are doing the things they’re doing. The students are also using these skills to write stories of their own. In Science and Social Studies, the students have learned about animal traits and the characteristics of communities.

As we look ahead in Math, students will build on what they know about multiplication and division as they learn their 6,7, and 8 count-bys, work on writing their own word problems as well as solve two step word problems. In ELA, we will apply skills such as cause and effect and compare and contrast as we read new chapter books and write a new ending to those stories.

Tips for success:

Word problems can be challenging for students, especially if they are not confident readers. Here are some tips for success in solving word problems. We use the C.U.B.E.S. strategy for all word problems: Circle the numbers, Underline the question, Box the key words, Evaluate with a picture, and Solve with an equation. This strategy helps students understand what the question is asking for so they can solve it in steps!

Did you know that 20 minutes of reading can really boost your child’s reading fluency and confidence in reading? Please consider making this a night time routine in your home, it is a great way to bond with your child and learn at the same time!

Need talking points with your 3rd grader?

Try asking open-ended questions that they can’t answer with a yes or no answer!

Instead of How was your day…. Try what was your favorite part of the day?

Some other examples are:

-How did you use Kelso’s choices today?

-What story are you reading in ELA? Who is your favorite character and why?

-What games did you play with your friends at recess?

-Did you earn any Bear Bucks if so, how did you earn them?

Fourth Grade

Our Baltz 4th graders have gotten the year off to a great start by following the dress code, practicing their daily routines, and following the 3 B’s. Fourth grade has been busy with beginning of year testing and connecting with their classroom communities. We will be focusing on place value, addition and subtraction in math.

In ELA we will be locating key details to support evidence found in text and answering the question of how researchers and scientists do their work. We will be working on informative writing and writing a biography on a scientist that the students have been researching.

In Science we are working on solving a population crisis as conservation biologists and in Social Studies we will learn about geography and mapping. With your participation and communication, we will have a great year in 4th grade!

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is pumped to be all back together in person and we took off running with our year. We are wrapping up our first unit in math soon. We focused on adding, subtracting, and comparing fractions and mixed numbers with like and unlike denominators. We also finished our first module in reading. We read an entire chapter book and some fun short stories while working on various reading skills and strategies. In collaboration with our first reading module, we completed our first major writing assignment...a narrative! Students had a choice of different prompts and did a wonderful job including lots of sensory details, character development, and leaving their audience wanting more!

The Bill of Rights and Due Process were our main focus of Social Studies this marking period. The students did a great job learning about their rights and responsibilities as U.S. citizens and all of the different everyday situations you can relate to our first ten amendments. Last but not least, we began our Ecosystems science unit. We are just getting into the fun parts of actually creating our own aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in our classroom using live fish, snails, crickets, pill bugs, and plants!

The window for Choice Applications opens November 1st! Middle school decisions are quickly approaching. If you would like your student to attend a different school than their assigned feeder pattern, please complete the online application to choice them to a different school. You have up to 3 choices (in order of preference). If you student is interested in Cab Calloway (School of Arts), Conrad (STEM), and/or Dickinson IB, there are more steps involved beyond the choice application...and we can help you! You can visit the choice link here for more information: School Choice / Choose Red Clay (

English Language Development

Throughout the fall, leaves were changing and now Winter is coming soon. The leaves and the temperature aren’t the only things changing. The English Language Development (ELD) team has grown to four staff members: Ms. Whiteside, Ms. Skipski, Ms. Personti, and Ms. Britz.

The ELD team develops speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English. We build these skills through our National Geographic REACH curriculum. Students have been learning about topics such as school, family, community, traditions, and nature's network. We had a special focus on Dia de los Muertos. It has been fun to see how traditions have come alive. Outside of Ms. Personti’s classroom was our very own ofrenda and cultural spotlight bulletin board.

Something to think about for the winter; all students classified as English Learners will be taking the state ACCESS test beginning in February 2022. Please encourage your child to practice their speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. We look forward to continuing a great year ahead with our ELD students.

Reading Specialists

Good news! RTI Reading groups have begun for grades 1-5 at Baltz. Each grade level has a thirty-minute block so that groups of students can receive additional time during the day to practice needed reading skills. Some students will work in small groups with their homeroom or other teachers to focus on their reading needs. Other students will work independently in their homerooms to complete reading tasks. Wherever students go, the goal is to have thirty minutes of targeted activities that will help them improve their reading skills.

There are also simple things that you can do with your children to help improve their reading skills. Words are everywhere! Encourage your children to read by noticing environmental print, which is print that appears in signs, labels, and logos. Ask your younger children to find the letters in their names or high-frequency words like and, the, and it on the backs of their cereal boxes. Encourage your older children to read and share information from food labels, street signs, and billboards. Environmental print provides lots of opportunities for children to interact with letters, sounds, and words. For resources and monthly tips on how to promote literacy at home, visit

-The Baltz Reading Specialist Team (Ms. Brown, Mrs. Kelly, and Mrs. Roach)

Daily Covid-19 Screener

Every day before sending your child to school you must do the Covid-19 Screener! If your child does not pass the screener, they must stay at home until cleared by a physician or until receiving a negative Covid Test.
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Baltz Title 1 School Information

Baltz Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy, Baltz Title 1 Parent, Teacher & School Compact, Title 1 Brochure for Parents, Red Clay Parent Engagement Policy & Red Clay Federal Programs Complaint Procedures

Join the Baltz Bears PTA

Next Meeting is December 7th at 5:30 Via Zoom.

Agenda Includes:

  • Introductions
  • We need a Treasurer
  • Principal's Report
  • Volunteers needed for Pictures with Santa event
  • Math Night
  • PTA Reflections Program
  • Recruiting Members
  • Fundraising Updates
  • New Business
Baltz Elementary PTA: Parent night

Resources for Parents

Dress Code Details

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Baltz Parent Handbook (General Info)

Click here to review the policies for Baltz Elementary.

Baltz Parent Handbook (general information) Spanish

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MTSS (Positive Behavior Supports )Parent Handbook

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MTSS (PBS) Parent Handbook- Spanish

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