The Waterhole

Graeme Base

The Waterhole

The book called "The Waterhole" is about a secrest waterhole the animals all come, As seasons bring forth drought and flood, they gather there as one.

United in their common need, their numbers swell to ten, But hidden deep amongest the trees lie ten times that again!

The magical world of freedom.

The magical place with the water of freedom..

Its a book about a waterhole where all animals come to drink from. All animals around the world come to this magical place to taste the freedom of water.All animals come to place to drink....untill one day the water was getting less till there was no water left in the waterhole.One day there was a drop of rain that came from the sky, then 10 seconds later it started to rain and the whole land was full of rain. Then all the animals around they world came back to the paradise land of freedom.