2B Happenings!

Working hard and having fun in 2B!

Dear 2B Family,

Thank you for your generous donations to the 7th Grader's drive to benefit the homeless!! We filled our basket to overflowing! :)

It was an eventful week this week, with our Mardi Gras parade and prayer service, Ash Wednesday Mass, and Stations of the Cross.

I wish you all a wonderful and blessed weekend with your families, as well as a Happy Valentine's Day.

This week in ELA

We read a fun story about a harbor seal, and a short story about a whale. Our theme was rescued animals. :) We also worked on another exploded four square writing assignment. The students are getting the hang of including details in their work, and really elaborating on their ideas. It's very exciting to see them rise to the challenge to become better writers. It is a challenge! We also continue to work on our grammar skills with lessons on subjects, predicates and pronouns this week. Those will be ongoing as we continue to reinforce the concepts of what makes a complete and correct sentence. Again, all towards making them better writers!

Spelling Words

vacation / objection / direction / nation / illustration / relation / position

Sentences due Wednesday. We have a short week next week, so we have a much shorter list. Spelling test will be Thursday.

This week in Math

We continued our unit on geometry. We've really been working on our geometry vocabulary. They know the concepts, but they are learning the "big kid" words for them. To date we've learned words like angle, edge, vertex, face, congruent, and line of symmetry.

This week in Science

We've worked on a small research project regarding animal habitats!! Students were tasked with looking up animals in World Book Online on the ipads and researching to discover where they live. It's a great lesson in active reading and research, as well as a ton of fun. :)

This week in Religion

Our Saint of the Week this week was St. Josephine Bakhita. She is a fascinating, and more modern saint, who embodies the virtue of joyfulness despite incredible hardships.

As you surely expect, we also spent a lot of time discussing Lent. We put away the Alleluia, as the Church gives that up during the Lenten Season. We also had a great discussion on giving things up for Lent.