John Venn

By:Tyson Snow

Name & Time Alive

My mathematician is John Venn he was born Aug 4, 1834 and he died Apr 4, 1923.


Venn's mom died when he was three years old and his dad was from a distinguished family. John went to the "College of Cambridge" in 1853 where he got a mathematics degree in 1857.

Why Are They Famous?

John Venn is famous for making the "Venn Diagram" kinda hints the name Venn. The purpose of the "Venn Diagram" is to figure out or show the similarities and differences of objects or animals or anything.

3 Interesting Facts

1. John wrote a book called "The Biographical History of Gonville and Cauis College. 2.Venn had a building named after him called "Gonville and Caius". 3.John made a rare machine that bowled cricket balls.