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HI! My name is Lexi!

Hi! I'm just a middle school girl that LOVES FASHION! I love the idea of making my own clothes or seeing people wearing them! I'm really creative and determined, so I'm going to set a goal , achieve it, and help you!


Thanks to our Sponsor ,Sephora, we have been able to put our ideas out there and gives us the motivation to always go forward daily! Sephora has great products such as 'Myeliner' Its prefect for your daily Eye Liner! We love their products and we are proud to be sponsored by them!

Bring Back the 80s!

I have always been fascinated to the fashion of the 1980s!

From Rubix Cubes to big hair I've Loved it!

I have re-created the 80s look with new and improved Beanies, Leg warmers and Big hair products!

How to Thread a Needle!

Hey have you ever wanted to make your own clothes or make your own Stuffed Animals?

Well , Lets start with how to thread a needle!

Materals Need:

1 1/2-2 inch Needle

Thread of choice

Step 1: You're going to cut a piece of thread that is about as long as your arm length.

Step 2: You grab your needle and thread then, stick the thread through the needle. It helps to hold it to the closest to the end the of thread.

Step 3: Then you're going to make it so each half of the threads are lined up.

Step 4: Grab the ends and hold them in the other hand , flipping it upside down.

Step 5: You're going to twist the thread around the needle.

Final Step: You're going to push all of the knot to the bottom of the thread and SUCCESS ! You have threaded your needle!


I usually have all dark clothing and a touch of color! Usually the touch of color is my hair. Although dying your hair can be weird at first, Its a great accessory and lots of fun! I also go for a classy but relaxed look! From wearing a scarf with ripped jeans to wearing sneakers! I find that mixing it up every once and a while can be refreshing!

Interior Design

Changing things like colors or texture can change a house or room completely!

Interior design can make a place feel homey and comfortable! I love interior design ! Its fun to design a space !

Sketching Your Clothes

Its always fun to out with your friends shopping for cute clothes , But designing them is EVEN BETTER!

Sometimes coming up with an idea for a fashion design can be difficult but doing something that inspires you can give you ideas in a click!