How to bake a Pumpkin Pie!!!!

A delicious thanksgiving desert!!!


1- Line a pie pan with pie dough. Place something on top of the dough to prevent it from rising.Bake at 325 degress just untill it is lightly brown-about 15 to 20 minutes.

2-When done with pie crust, pre-heat oven to 425 degress.

3-Combine and mix the pumpkin mix with the eggs.( do this step in a large bowl)

4-In a medium bowl,combine the brown sugar,cinnamn,ginger,nutmeg,and cloves, and blend till smooth.

5-Pour the blended spices(brown sugar mix)into the pumpkin and egg mix, and stir untill blended in.

6-Pour the melted pumpkin icecream into the pumpkin mix. Mix untill well blended so the white streaks disappear.Then, pour int oa pre-baked pie pan.

7-Pour the mix into the baked crust.Bake at 425 degress for about 15 minutes.

8-Reduce heat to 350 degress. Bake about 45 minutes longer untill inserted knife comes out clean.Keep an eye on it from every 10 to 15 minutes to make sure the pie crustedge is not getting to done. If starts to look brown,cover it with a pie shield, or wrap the edge in tin foil.

9-Remove when done an =d let cool so the custard sets.

10-Add whip cream and your done! (whip cream is optional)

Why Pumpkin Pie????

Pumpkin pie is the best desert for thanksgiving because it is around halloween! Halloween usually involves Pumpkins so why not make a treat out of it???Pumpkin pie is the best out of every other treat because it has this sweet creamy taste. Unlike Peanut Butter Pie and Pecan pie has this freezing and sometimes crunchy taste! Also, a problem that occurs most, is that messing up or burning the pie. If that happens, just go to a local store (wal-mart, target, kroger,etc.) and you could by an already made pumpkin pie!