* Kam's Kids *

Collecting Teddy Bears for Security and Love

Who, What, and Why?

Kam is an amazing 10 year old, who loves to make a difference in peoples lives. Last year a friend of hers was abused, and the one thing that kept bothering her was that her friend was alone... That she didn't have someone to hold her when she was scared or just needed to be held. She started to wonder what she could do to help. That's when the idea of Kam's Kids came into play. One thing that always made her feel safe and secure was her teddy bear. So why not collect as many bears as possible for kids who may not have anyone to hold them and make them feel safe.

If you would like to donate.....

We are looking for brand new 12 inch to 16 inch teddy bears. If you are unable to donate bears but would like to donate in other ways, please reach out via email. All help is appreciated.

Who am I?

Kamryn is a 10 yr old 4th grader from Weatherford, Tx