science protist Smore

by Philip Melvin


How it gets its food: it uses its cilia to sweep food into oral groove

How does it move: it uses its cilia to move.

How does it reproduce: they reproduce almost 3 times a day asexually and sexually.

The paramecium is a animal type.

How a Paramecium Eats!


how does it get its food: it uses photosynthesis

How does it move: it uses its flagellum, a long whip-like structure that acts like a little motor

How it reproduces: by binary fission, which splits itself in half.

How does it respond:It uses its eyespot to locate light so it can do photosynthesis.

A euglena is a plant like cell

Big image
Euglena - Flagellum movement in phase contrast


how it gets its food: they eat by surrounding foods with pseudopods.

How does it move: it moves by changing the shape of their body.

how it reproduces: they reproduce asexually by binary fission.

Amoeba Feeds!


how does it get its food: it has chlorophyll which makes photosynthesis

how does it move: it has to flagellum to bounce on each other through the water.

how does it reproduce: When the daughter colony mature the parent and the egg burst.

how does it respond to its environment: it lives in colonies.

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Volvox close up - Flagella movement
Volvox - daughter cells inside of mother colony