A Frogs Life

Lets take a look at a frogs life

Frogs belong to the animal group called amphibians...

They are cold-blooded, this means that their body is the same temperature as air or water.


Frogs have smooth and moist skin, it is made up of two layers, an outer epidermis and an inner dermis. In addition to protecting the frog, the skin also helps the frog breathe.Most frogs breathe by taking into moisture through their skin by gas exchange. They have ear on the sides of their hear called tympanum, which allows them to hear vibrations. Frogs ears specifically hear the call of their species

Life Cycle

Frogs reproduce by laying eggs, when the eggs are ready they hatch and become tadpoles that grow into frogs. Frog reproduction in some cases is by egg fertilization, which happens outside the female's body instead of inside.


Frogs are greatly sensitive to changes in the environment, unfortunately there has been a large decrease in frog populations.


Frogs and tadpoles are vital to the environment. They are an important part of food chains of many ecosystems and do a great job helping control insect pest populations. Tadpoles also act as natural filters and can help to control levels of algae in ponds.