Archery Safety

Shoot Safely

Be safe

A young boy was shot in the eye during target practice at an archery range. He and a friend were unsupervised and taking turns shooting at a target, but it was windy so the target kept falling over. One of the boys went to hold the target while his friend took his turn to shoot at it. His friend missed the target and the arrow struck him directly in the eye. Luckily, the arrow did not penetrate any further into his skull, but the young boy did lose his eye.

One thing not to do is to stand behind a target that someone is shooting at. One thing to do is to be safe and walk behind the person shooting. You should also always have some adult supervising you, if you're the one shooting.

Stay safe and out of the way

When working with more than one shooter, you shouldn't go and get your arrows while others are shooting. Wait for everyone to stop shooting before you go and get your arrows. This is one way to avoid being shoot by an arrow. Going back to the boy who got shoot in the eye with an arrow was not being supervised and went behind the target. If you don't want to be shot, do the right thing and be safe.

Think Before you Shoot

Before you shoot, think of your surroundings. Think of what is in the general area of your target. Think about what is behind your target. If you think of these things, you are less likely to hit something other than your target.