Nobody Punches Harder Than Love.

Helena's Playlist

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (Lyrics)

Somebody that I used to know

Demetrius is a shadow of the person Helena loved and now have broken his promise to her, he leaves to love another woman. The tune is really like the voice of one who was betrayed by someone he/she once loved. I chose it because I love this song and I also really like how this relates to her being betrayed by her love and how no one really cares about Helena anymore.
Forget You Cee Lo Green Lyrics [CLEAN] Better Version In Desc

Forget You

Helena wants to be able to say this, but can't and keeps on loving Demetrius for who he is. I chose it because it expresses Helena's pain from her "sprained ankle" love for Demetrius. I also chose it because of how the tune relates to betrayal in an upbeat kind of way.
Beyoncé- countdown lyrics


I think Helena would be listening to this at the the very beginning along with Somebody that I used to know because she is so deeply in love with Demetrius. I chose it because I needed a song to relate Helenas deep love for Demetrius. The tune is kind of bad but it was the only thing I could find ok.
The Troll song (Full Song)

Troll Song

I think Helena would be listening to this when Lysander and Hermia are like " we're going on an adventure, good luck and bye because we don't care about you, no one really does now to be honest". I chose it because I feel like this is how Helena probably views her friends at that moment AND the time when Robin mistakenly made Lysander love Helena.
Coldplay - Viva La Vida

Viva La Vida

Helena would listen to this right after Demetrius betrays her and leaves her for Hermia. The tone of the song is sad and reflective, I feel like that's how she felt after cooling down a bit and reflecting on her love life. I chose it because it really seems to be a reflective and nostalgic song for the past.
OneRepublic-Counting Stars HD Lyrics Native!

Counting Stars

Helena would be listening to this after Demetrius finally loves her because of the magic plant juice. I chose this because of the upbeat, triumphant tune that Helena was probably feeling at the moment.
The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows - Lyrics

Tomorrow Never Knows

I think this song depicts the uncertainty of their judgement at the end before theseus. Helena would be listening to this because of the tune and how it reflects anxiety and calmness. I chose it because i couldn't find another song with the weird tune.
3 Doors Down - Here Without You [Lyrics]

Here Without You

Helena would be listening to this right after the breakup. I chose it because the tune reminds me of a how someone like Helena might feel about their relationship after Demetrius abandoned her.
"The Trapeze Swinger" - Iron and Wine lyrics

The Trapeze Swinger

Helena would listen to the song in the very beginning. I chose this song for the beat and for the representation of her nostalgia of the past and how it was before demetrius started to love someone else.
Gonna Fly Now (Theme Song from Rocky) w/ Lyrics

Gonna Fly Now

Helena would listen to this after everything is over and Demetrius finally loves her. I chose this song because of its tune, how its related to my title, and how it fits.