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Forney,Tx Issue: 5 December 16, 2020

Untrusting Friend

Dear Carolyn Hax:

I am very worried about my best friend. She has been acting very strange lately. She has changed so much, yesterday I found out she had been seeing this guy! I have become to think that she is infected. Even though she is my best friend, I am scared for her. My question is, should I confront her about it or should I let her tell me on her own.

-Worried Best Friend

Worried Best Friend:

I would advise you to let her tell you, she is your best friend and she should trust you enough to tell you. You wouldn't want to confront and find out that your speculations were wrong.

-Carolyn Hax

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Dellirium The Movie!

Follow the story of Lena Haloway as her entire life is turned upside down. She will have to find out the real truth about love and even experience I herself. All her life she has belived in the cure, but what appens when her evaluation goes wrong. Meet her best friend Hana and the love of her life Alex as they go though the journey our love. A perfect movie for you and your love!

- " Love. It will kill you and save you, both."

The Infected are among us!

Recent studies have shown that more and more infected people are among us! If you pay close attention you may even see some infected people on the streets. Kelly Green stated that she witnessed two young adults showing signs of deliria. According to her testimony the girl wasn't cured yet. She claims that they were very affectionate towards each other. Jimmy Rose also states to have witnessed something very similar. If these testimonies are correct does that mean there are more infected?
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Help wanted at the Crypts! We need your help! There are a few job openings at the Crypts and you could help fill one of them. You must be at least 20 years old and have had the cure. It WILL be first come first serve, so be sure you get out here fast.

Address- 1234 Crypts Portland

Phone Number- 123-456-7890

When- Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00

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"I Gave You The Wrong Change"

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