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Teacherswithapps: 17 Pros and Cons of Using iPads in the classroom


I thought this blog by Teachers With Apps would be a good way to begin this entry on iPads in the classroom. I am definitely a supporter of technology and especially iPads in the classroom. This entry outlines 9 pros and 8 cons for using iPads in the classroom, which mostly have to do with design features, such as no USB port and it not supporting Flash Player.

Transforming the Classroom with iPads

It's always good to see how other teachers are using new ideas and techniques in teaching students. 1st grade Crestview Elementary teacher Kristina Kellogg shows how she's employed ipads in her classroom to help students enjoy reading and enhance their desire to improve those skills. On a broader scale, Ms. Kellogg explains how she uses the tools to individualize and differentiate instruction to each student. She admits there were a few challenges at first, but the progress her students have made has far outweighed those obstacles.

Transforming the Classroom with iPads

How to Use iPads in the Classroom

By Dr. Brent Daigle


This is an overview of a classroom literacy project where students used iPads to create their own Digital Documentary.

How to Use iPads in the Classroom

Using the iPad in Education

Some examples of how I use the iPad in the classroom. A bit dry, but some useful tips for first timers.

Using the iPad in Education

The Smart Way to Use iPads in the Classroom

62 Ideas For Using The iPad In The Classroom

By the TeachThoughtStaff


Some ideas for using the iPad in the classroom in the following presentation by scribd user denag33 are better than others. Projecting an image, making music, controlling your classroom computer, using it as a mini-whiteboard, accessing information, keeping notes, blogging, tracking an IEP checklist, making an impromptu teleprompter, and creating concept maps are some of the better ones.

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything: iPads in the Classroom


Kathy provides some tools to help you begin the process of gathering apps -- an evaluation form for a content iPad/iPod application and one for a creation iPad/iPod application, as well as many tutortials.

Apple - Education - iPad makes the perfect learning companion


A basic rundown from Apple about how to use the iPad in the classroom.

InterAction Education: Using iPads in Education


InterAction Education has guides for "getting started" as well as a "beginner's guide" for using iPads for learning that include apps they've selected and what you can use them for. They also provide videos of iPads being used in the classroom and link for iPad educators.

Using iPad in the Classroom- For Dummies


Easy-to-understand instructions on how to do the things you want with your iPad in your classroom from setting up the voice-over feature to getting free e-books for education.