Pokemon 101


first things first

in the game you have to make the ultimate decision of which pokemon you want first. you get three choices fire, grass, or water. keep in mind that fire dominates grass, grass dominates water, and water dominates fire. kind of like rock paper sciccors. these different types are the origonals imagine them as a tree trunk and the other pokemon types as the tree's branches.

objectives of pokemon

there are multiple objectives to the pokemon games. one is to discover all the data about every pokemon and to do that you have to "catch 'em all" as said in the theme song to the anime seires. one is to beat the elete four a band of pokemon MASTERS that will stop at nothing to be the best it's your job to put them to shame and prove that your the best (their hard to beat). the last one is to go and enter the pokemon league and defeat all the other "master" trainers you get there by getting all eight gym badges and then going to the league and being the master of all. if you do all of these you have beat the game congrats however true pokemon masters do ALL of them and make everyone look like babys.


Pokemon have different types. Each type has different weaknesses and strengths. for instance fire types are strong agaist grass types but weak against water. just like in real life, fire can burn grass easily and water can put out fire. depending on the type and the attacks a level twenty can defeat a level one hundred.


battles can happen by running into a trainer on the road that wants to battle, talking to a undeafeated gym leader or Elite Four member, or running through tall grass and running into a wild pokemon. in a battle you will see the picture below then you make the decision to fight, open your bag, switch pokemon, or run away. keep in mind that running away only works if your pokemon's speed is high enough and if the battle is a wild battle. attacking can deal damage to the enemy pokemon or help your pokemon in battle or in the bench. clicking bag opens your bag which allows you to use items in your bag or teach your pokemon a new move in the heat of battle. clicking pokemon will allow you to switch pokemon from your bench to your active pokemon's position. clicking run gets you out of the battle if it's a battle with a wild pokemon.
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bag continued

in your bag you can somehow hold thousands of items and a bicycle, yes, a bicycle. in the bag there are different pockets, items, berries, tms and hms, poke balls, and key items. each have their own special use. the items pocket holds anything and everything exept what the other pockets hold. the berries pocket holds berries, plants that can be found all over the pokemon world each with their own unique healing abilitys. the tms and hms pocket holds tms and hms, disks that are used to teach your pokemon different moves tms have one use and hms have unlimited uses. the pokeballs pocket holds all of your pokeballs, things used for catching and containing pokemon differnt pokeballs have better catching ratios to others. the key items pocket holds items that you either get once per a game or are super rare and un tradeable or it could just be an item that ties into the pokemon story line.
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hidden surprises

there are many hidden surprises around the pokemon world like really cool evolvtions to hidden items like star dust. the hidden surprises can be found quite easily. a cool (not so secret) secret evolution is when the weakest pokemon ever, a magikarp, evolves into a really overpowering water dragon called gyrados. there are items that you can use to find hidden items like star dust which is a super expensive ultra rare item that could be sold for alot of money. hidden easter eggs like these can be found around the pokemon world everywhere so look carfully.


there are pokemon that you only run into once per a game, and those are legendarys. what makes legendarys so cool is the fact that you caught one of the most deadly and coolest pokemon in the world. in the game you always get a special pokeball that you only get once, the master ball. use this to catch the legendary pokemon but be careful when you do use it to early you fail to late you fail too but when you prevail you are hailed as one of the greats. legendarys are useually psycic like mew two the first legendary. it is a scripted sequence when you run into a legendary so the game WILL force you to catch it just make sure you catch it wisley. for the legendary pokemon help you beat the Elite Four.

attacking continued

different pokemon attacks do diferent things not dpending on what the pokemon's type is but which attack it's using. say you were fighting a fire type with a water type, to deal maximum damage to the fire type would you choose scratch or water gun? you should use water gun for maximum damage. even though scratch will deal damage wate gun will be "super effective" since it is a water type move agaist a fire type pokemon.

getting hit

this is what happens when you get hit you take damage, get an effect bestowed on you, or both.the move type and the type of the pokemon you're using determines the effectiveness. of the hit for instance if you're a fire type and someone uses a grass type move on you it won't be that effective however if you are a fire type and the opponent uses a water type move it will be "super effective".

battle stratigies

make sure the six pokemon you have with you have a good variety of attack types and pokemon types. plus make sure you have alot of potions super potions and a couple of revives. make sure you stay in a specific region long enough to see all of the pokemon and capture the ones you only run into a couple of times. so collect the GOOD pokemon first beat the game by defeating the elite four by using those pokemon then go and capture all the other pokemon and beat the game that way.

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