Companionship / Friendship - by Brett Hurt

what is friendship

friendship is a state of mutual trust and support between 2 or more people that are close to each other. Friendship isn't hard to find but it ain't easy either cause its hard to find someone that u can absolutely trust. if we didnt have people we triust we all would think that every one is your enemy

Experiment that will change Human suffering

victor is going to school and has an experiment in mind that he thinks is human evolution. After completing the experiment victor thought of it as an unholy creature and regretted his decision on creating the monster. victor leaves it and goes home. Victor does not think of his consequences and thinks the creature will die or stay in hiding. victors plan back fires on him and victor has a tough time.

Monster is smart

frankenstein's monster after leaveing the scene of the crime he finds a place with a family and learns alot from them. he starts to be able to read and write and also starts his speech.

why does victor not give his creation a chance even if it was in human ???

because he was to scared, but if victor actually gave the monster a chance his wife could still be alive and the monster could actually be a guardian / protector of the family and nothing bad could have happened. Who Knows ?????

Trouble Turned Around

if victor and his monster got along then the monster could have had a name and a reason for living and helping instead of being out on his own, confused, and not knowing what to do. the monster would have never caused this much trouble and both lives could have been peacefully lived ou t helping and learning from from one another
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