Author: Alex London

Reviewer: Braden Glasscock


This book is captivating and thrilling. The characters, plot, scenery, and plot twists are all what make this book so great. The way Syd keeps on rolling no matter what happens shows that he is in it to win it. All the different points of view really show that its all about putting yourself in someone else's shoes. The way Alex London puts you in each characters thoughts really makes you understand that not all debts can be repaid. From the richest boy on Earth to one of the cheapest and filthiest boy, Alex London proves that no matter what you are the only person you can trust.

Every time you close the book you're left wondering whats gonna happen the next time you open it. With wild horseback action and car crashes to lulling moments in the biggest house of the Upper-City. Syd and Knox make an excellent team, and maybe even a couple. With different thoughts racing though each of their heads it's impossible to predict whats going to happen next. With the two on the run from Knox's billionaire father, and bounty hunters what will happen next?

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