The Life of Aretha Louise Franklin

Learn more about her life and how she came to be.

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The story of Aretha Louise Franklin

Have you ever wondered how musicians came to be.Well I'm going to tell you about one specific singer Aretha Louise Franklin.Aretha is a famous black American singer who started singing when she was only ten years-old.She has been in music for over six decades she is now seventy three years-old.Not to many know this,but her father had a huge part in her singing career.

Aretha's Childhood

Her childhood was no better than anyone else's.Her parents split up when she got very sick.About a year later that's when her music career started.Smokey Robinson tells a tale about how it got started.Smokey Robinson went to the Franklin house he was invited to the living room once he sat down he suddenly heard a wonderful voice of a girl with a graceful piano.He walked into the room where the voice and piano.Smokey Robinson was shocked that the voice was coming from a young 10 year-old girl.

Famous People Aretha Franklin Met

Aretha Franklin met MANY famous people she sang for Pope Francis in Philadelphia,and for Martin Luther king junior 2 days before he died.She sang for many,many people.Aretha also sang a duet with George Micheal.

Aretha's won her 18th Grammy

Aretha Louise Franklin has won her EIGHTEENTH Music Grammy award in 2008.Now that is A LOT of Grammys for a seventy three year-old now is it.