The Song Dynasty

By: Romy Harrison and Hadiya Mohammed

Politics By: Hadiya Mohammed

The song rulers fought against rivals to take over lands. Their rivals were Liao, Jin, Xia, and Mongols. The song dynasty fought against nearby lands to expand. They also created ships to attack lands and to trade with other places. The song dynasty took control of the Tang dynasty and defeated them. Fifty years after the war Zhao Kuangyin rose and gained power. Zhao Kuangyin took control and that’s how the Song dynasty began. Some of the rulers that were ruling the dynasty was Zhao Kuangyin also known as Taizu the first emperor, Emperor Shenzong, Emperor Qinzong, and Emperor Xiaozong. The song rulers were more concerned with enjoying their wealth than having a army under control. The army was defeated in 1278 B.C. The song dynasty was defeated by northern invaders.

Economics By: Romy Harrison

The song set up supervised markets along the border were traders and market workers can get food and anything else needed. They traded silk,copper,paper,books,porcelain,lacquer ware, rice,grains and ginger.

Silk,porcelain,paper,grains,copper coins, spices,rockets,magnetic compasses,guns and cannons and wine making were all important products or industries during the song reign. Farmers,merchants,share holders, water transportation, Farmers,merchants foragers and blacksmiths were some of the occupations during the Song reign. The Song traded with Korea,japan and lands from the south over seas. On land they traded with Persia,Greece,Rome,Armenia and India.

Inventions\Technology\Science and Architecture By.Romy Harrison

Printing,Rockets,Magnetic compasses,Guns and Cannons, Landscaping, Winemaking, Opera, Porcelaine, and Chain Drive Mechanisms were some of the major inventions from the reign of the song. Their weren't many important buildings built during the song, but i managed to find the capitol atop the pagoda in Kaifeng. Some of the building during the Song, was mostly adding details to the great wall, or finishing paint jobs in some temples.

Religion/Culture/Social Life By. Hadiya Mohammed

The Song dynasty encouraged Zen Buddhism. They also encouraged Neo-Confucianism too. The things that were important during the song dynasty were the rainbow bridge, the art of paper cutting, and Chinese operas. Some things that the song dynasty created were landscape painting, sculpture, and dance. During the Song dynasty there was social life. Education was very important during the song dynasty. For an example, if you were highly education you would have to take a test called the civil service examination. If you passed the civil service examination, you would be able to work for the government. The government would have school for all kids it was required. Even if you were poor or rich you could go. The government was ran by scholars. There was poetry during the Song dynasty. Education was highly valued during the Song dynasty. Poetry and literature was highly valued too during the Song dynasty. Men and boys mostly took the civil service examination and men and boys ran the government as well. Scholars were qualified for government jobs. The six classical arts was apart of education. Also did you know paintings were expressed as magical thoughts during the Song dynasty. The song dynasty created Chinese operas.