Making a Difference

Carmel Creek May 7, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of our CC mommies.
Hope you are honored in very special ways.

Thanks Third Grade Team

We appreciate your support to the Foundation Teacher Movie Night.
Kids were so happy and excited to roll out their sleeping bags and spend a Friday evening in the stage area.
Great movie and theme!

CC Cinco de Mayo

Thanks to all who participated in the Cinco de Mayo and shower lunch for Teri. The lounge was so festive with beautiful decorations and great food.
Congratulations Teri!

Even CDC kids got into holiday foods

Thanks Sally and CDC team for connecting school day to after school programs.
CDC kids made 7 layer dip as a special snack.

Teacher Appreciation Days at Legoland

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A little note on formative assessment

Wonderful EL New Family Welcome

Thanks to all for participating and sharing your fabulous work and our CC and District Programs. Your time and support to CC is valued. Kudos & thanks to Margaret, Michelle, Susan E., Sally, Carolyn, Katie Z., Laurie, Terry Decker and Sabrina Lee. A special thanks to our PTA, ELAC and Foundation parents. CC is a special community.

All Teachers Were Invited

A special invitation was given to CC Teachers.
Our families from India, hold a very high regard to our teachers and the profession.
"Consider Guru, Teacher as God"

Second grade beautiful writing-Thanks Mrs. Lothspeich

After Open House Classroom Tours

Traditionally, on the day after Open House, classes have the opportunity to tour rooms throughout the building. Let's plan for this to occur, just after CCN. If a classroom door is "open" this means, welcome-come on in and see our fantastic work. If a door is "closed" please pass by and respect the instructional work taking place.

Thanks for all your efforts to create dynamic learning environments for our children and beautiful displays of student work. I know the parents will be very touched by your efforts.

Getting Ready for Open House

Don't Forget

All Staff Pancake Breakfast. Tuesday May 10th, 7:30am. Enjoy Pancakes specially made by our fabulous District Office Cabinet members. A SBSD tradition.

Gift of Time

Cancelling Staff Meeting for this Wednesday May 11th at 7:30. A little extra time to get ready for Open House. I do, however, need everyone to come together for a group message at 8am (5 to 10 minutes). Thank you.