Computer Programing

learn how to use and program computers BY: Erwin Sanchez

Why I Want to do This Job

I like working with computers and have been at a young age

I already know a lot about computer and technology

Since there is a lot of work to be done, I work at a pace that gets me done


If you like playing with technology, computers and laptops, maybe the cluster with computers like this one is for you. This job is also located in the cluster of Information Technology

Start learning

You can be prepared to be a successful programmer and enjoy this job a lot.


You must have a bachelors degree in order to be able to join.

Need to Know

You must have to know about computers and how they work. You must also know math, and the English language. You are also going to have to know more stuff

Group Work

You will need to know how to work in groups with teammates to complete task.

You will work...

Inside, in a office and will have to wear a business casual

You are Goins to have Responsibilitys

- Correct error in websites

- Conduct trial runs

- Update and write websites

- Performing analysis

And you have to do so much more

Don't worry...

if your small and want this job, there are going to be at least 81,000 job openings by 2024

If you like money and computers...

than you probably want to join with other computer programmers. This job pays for at least $37 an hour and at least $77,550 a year.