Ryder & Jack

Facts about the flag of Madagascar.

  • Red on the flag means: working together in that nation.
  • Green means: hope.
  • White means: purity.
  • The colors of the flag were chosen a week after madagascar became a country.
  • The country of madagascar changed its name, but the flag stayed the same.
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The Geographic facts of Madagascar

  • It has no bodering countries.
  • Madagascar is 222,650 square miles!
  • Tropical along coast temp inland arid in south.
  • High plateau and mountain center.
  • Slightly less than twice the size of Arizona!
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Econemy of Madagascar

  • Exports: More than 70 percent. Some are coffee,vanilla,shellfish,and sugar.
  • Currency: Franc.
  • Agriculture: Mainly fishing and forestry.
  • Industry: Textile mainfacture and tourism.
  • Imports: $2.79 billion.