StudySync is our reading/ language arts curriculum

Why Should You Log on to StudySync at Home?

The StudySync website houses all of the information, tools, resources, etc. that a student needs in order to be successful and stay on track in language arts. In addition, there will be certain assignments where I will provide specific feedback to you directly on the StudySync website.

Of course during class we will log on to the StudySync website on a regular basis, however it also a good idea to make a habit of logging on at home as well to access resources, assignments, books, and teacher feedback to help support your learning.

How Do I Log In?

1. Go to

2. Make sure you are logged in to your district google account.

3. Click on the ConnectEd logo and you should be able to gain access to your account from there.

Unit 1 - Suspense

Essential Question: What attracts us to stories of suspense?
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Writing Focus - Narrative

What is Narrative Writing: Narrative writing is a type of writing that tells a story. In narrative writing, a writer narrates a story or shares an experience with others. Narratives can be based on fictional, or fake events, or narratives can be non-fiction, meaning the story is based on real events.

*Definition provided by: edurite