Gabe's Family Culture

race and ethnicity


My Dad is African American and white, my mom is Colombian, german, and white... so I am german, colombian, black, and white.


I get my blue eyes from my german grandma on my moms side and my black hair from my colombian grandpa on my moms side. My hair is wavy and curly from my african american/white grandparents on my dads side and my height and skin color are also from my dads side of the family.

Languages spoken: (moms side) grandma speaks german, Portuguese, english, and Spanish. Grandpa speaks spanish and english. Mom speaks, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Farsi, and English (Dads side) grandma and grandpa speak english only. Dad speaks English only. (Me) English only

Three Customs: Family Reunions, passing down recipes, Dancing

like them? continue them? why?

Thing to know for Future

Both sides of my family are insane