PUSH vs Precious

theme: the human capacity to grow and overcome

PUSH (Precious)

Narrated by Precious Jones, a 16-year-old African-American girl pregnant for the second time with her father's child, Push is a novel tracing her movement from anger, illiteracy, resignation, and self-contempt to some version of hope. The voice of Precious, raw and almost unintelligible at the beginning of the story, is changed when a courageous African-American teacher relentlessly inspires Precious, along with several other seemingly doomed teenagers, to learn to read, to discover what and how they feel, and to put it all down in a diary. The novel ends with everything uncertain and unfinished, but with a young woman changed by the appearance of self-respect and determination.

Major Character Development

In the book Push, Precious idolizes Farrakhan, and later, she becomes interested in Alice Walker and Harriet Tubman. In the movie there was no mention of Farrakhan at all. This is a major contribution the the book, because the intrest in these figures is what the reader shows drives Precious to a more confident woman later on, tying back to helping her grow and overcome her obstacles.

Minor Character devolpment

In the novel, one of the minor characters Ms. Rain was portrayed as a middle class to lower class teacher who is firm but somewhat understand. One of her features that was prominant to Precious in the book were her braids. Ther reader saw that wealth and poverty at the same time, enough money to get them but not enough to keep up with them. Ms. Rain's hair was changed in the movie to a short smooth wavy hair that made her look more inviting and youthful- easy to love and be comfortable around, the braids in the book gave her this edge.

PLOT TWISTS (so to speak)

My opinion

The movie was great if you wanted a visual point of the story. But I prefer the book. It is more detailed and well put-together. You can use your imagination to create your own visual. With “Push” I took mental notes after every page just so that I could compare the beginning of Precious’ story to the end of it. With “Precious,” although I was on the edge of my seat, I wasn’t as enthralled by it as I was with the book. After reading it I wanted to lend a helping hand to Precious and beat up her mother, while the movie was “good” to me, the book was way more graphic which helped me connect to the character more. One of my favorite english class reads