Frankenstein vs. Jurassic Park

by: Sierra and Lauren

Protagonists and Antagonists

Jurassic Park:

Dr. Grant is the protagonists in the movie because he wants to do the right thing by the dinosaurs and the story revolves around him and his actions. Dinosaurs are the antagonist because they cause all of the chaos. Also, Dennis is the antagonist because he is the one who released the dinosaurs and shut down the power in the park.


The protagonist is Victor because even though he created the monster he immediately knew the mistake he had made. Also he vowed to protect his family from the monster because he felt guilt for creating it in the first place and abandoning it.

The creature is the antagonists because he grew evil as the story went on and did malicious things to Victor's that were not necessary. He became very controlling after he discovered that people feared him.

Man vs. Himself

Jurassic Park:

Mr. Hammond thought that his grandchildren would enjoy the park but once it became a danger to them he did everything he could to help shut it down. Also not only did Mr. Hammond face this issue but Dr. Grant didn't like kids at first but when Tim and Lex needed help he was their for support as if they were his own children.


At first Victor is excited about his idea of creating life but once it is made he realizes he has created a monster and abandons the creature. The creature grows to become angrier due to the neglect from Victor so he begins to pursue evil acts by killing everyone important to Victor. Victor Frankenstein knows his wife, friends and father wouldn't have been killed if he hadn't created the creature in the first place.

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Man vs. Society

Jurassic Park:
Mr. Hammond and scientists recreate dinosaurs and form a park full them. They believe they're idea is good because they only create female dinosaurs so their is only one of each creature but that plan falls through. They quickly realize that humans cannot control nature because it is too powerful.

  • Frankenstein:

    When Victor was faced with the murder charges of his friend he had to face society by trying plead his innocence to people who believed he killed William. Also the Creature had to face being judged by everyone but also used society to help him learn.


    In both stories there is two themes the power of nature and knowledge. At an early age, Victor obsesses over the idea of the recreation of life and he learns this knowledge leads to bad events in his life. While in Jurassic Park, Mr. Hammond knows in advances recreating dinosaurs can be dangerous but does it anyway because of his own selfish needs. In the end which leads to risking his family members lives and killing/injuring innocent lives.

    Ending Scenes


    Victor and Mr. Hammond both disturbed nature by creating creatures and those creatures ending up creating chaos in their world. In Jurassic Park, it ends while everyone travels by boat back home safely while in Frankenstein, Victor travels by boat back home but crashes and dies while on board. Also, Victor left the Creature to be alone just like the dinosaurs were free due to Dennis breaking the secruity to create chaos.


    In Frankenstein, Victor died while Mr. Hammond lived. A helicopter picks up everyone from Jurassic Park rescuing them from the dangerous park, while Victor is faced with his death on the water. Mr. Hammond made multiple creatures while Victor made one and when he was asked to make another he knew it was best not to go through with it. While Mr. Hammond and his scientists continued to make dinosaurs.

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    Robert Walton:

    He is trying to travel to the north pole and discovery new things and is willing to risk his life till he finds it. While along the way he rescues Frankenstein and that is how the novel begins.

    Victor Frankenstein:

    Victor's goal at the beginning of the novel is to create life and once he has completed this task, he realizes the creature he has created is a monster and abandons it. So he now does everything he can to protect his family.

    The Creature:

    He only wants to be loved and have a family because he has been alone his whole life. The creature tells Victor to create him a female partner and when Victor doesn't follow through, he then decides to kill everyone Victor has every loved so Victor can live lonely just like him.

    Mr. Hammond:

    He wants to prove that he can create only female dinosaurs proving that their can be one of eau dinosaur but nature takes over and dinosaurs reproduce making it harder for his grandchildren and Dr. Grant to make it out alive.

    Dr. Grant:

    He wants to be helpful to the dinosaurs and the kids but at first it was very hard for him because he had trouble when dealing with kids.