Pregnancy & Birth


During the first trimester of pregnancy the baby has brain lobes and rudimetnary nervous system appears as a hollow tube. Rudiments of eyes, ears, and nose appears. Also, blood vessels form & blood flows through them. The babies head is mstill tender. Also, the baby weighs about 6 ounces. During the second trimester the babies body is now growing faster than the head. The babies movements can now be felt. Also, the babies muscles are stronger. The fetus now weighs about 12 ounces. Also, the babies eyes are opening and closing. During the third trimester the baby is now 2 1/2 pounds in weight. The eyes are growing eye lashes. Also, the baby has a fair chance of survival. The fetus stops growing a week before birth. Also, the babies heart rate increases and more wastes are expelled thought the umbilical cord.



Do not do drugs or alcohol while pregnant. Always check up on yourself and the baby while pregnant.