The future begins now

The products of the future are now here!

Our company Electro is changing the athletic Products of the world. Electro's designers have came up with brilliant technology to put in our products to change the way all of us live. Our products all have special abilities that can help you in many ways. Electro will change everyone's life. The future begins now!

Top 3 products are......

Pro Expirience

Join us on every Tuesday night at 7:00 to 8:30 to get to meet and perform with high level Pro's. We will have Pro's from all over the world come to our store and teach anyone anything while using are products. Like basketball, baseball, football, and soccer. We even sometimes get Michael Jordan to come to our store. But all lessons are only 75$ . Come down to our store to see which Pro will come next.

Opening day

Thursday, Nov. 20th, 10pm

2014 Hexington RD, NY

Come to our store on 11/20/14 to get half off on all of our products! But this offer will only last for 2 hours. Hurry in and get want you want. This will be a great event!

See who recommends us!

Usain Bolt loves our company. He said, " Electro is my way of life. I don't know what I could do without them. But the product I love is their shoes. OMG! They are the best! These shoes make me fell like a cheetah and they could make you run like a cheeta too. Maybe you could even be as fast as me"!

Jobs and Franchises

Contact us to see if you can get a dream job here at Electro. Also you can open a franchise. This could become a huge company! But we need you! Electro's future begins now!