From Ghetto To Concentration Camps

Kade Belanger

The Ghettos

The jewish community was moved into city like areas made to separate them from the rest of society while the concentration camps were being constructed, these were known as ghettos. They were very cramped with 5-10 people per room and were only allowed one suitcase of their belongings. With very little supplies many people starved in the streets and thought things couldn't get worse, that is until they were forced on trains that would bring them to the concentration camps.
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Transportation to Camps

During the time spent in the ghetto Hitler had advanced in his plan by constructing the concentration camps and a series of railroads connecting the camps to the ghettos. In 1942 Nazis soldiers forced the Jews out of their new homes onto these trains and started to bring them thousands at a time to what would likely be their place of death. Conditions in the cars were only worse, with so many people crammed into one area it wasn't always possible to move or sit. Many people died do to suffocation or a like of food and water. The dreaded trips could take days or even weeks but the final destination was not more merciful.

Arriving in the Camps

Immediately after arriving at the camps two lines were formed, one for woman and one for men. for many families this would be the last time they saw each other. Some of the weak were killed wile anyone fit would be shaved, washed, numbered, and given their clothes. Those that died in transportation might have been the lucky ones to not have to endure the horrors behind the concentration camps walls.
Trains of no return

Warsaw Ghetto

In the Warsaw Ghetto after the transportation of the Jews to the camps began a group came together to fight the Nazi wrong doings. on several occasions the outnumbered Jew community used small weapons and homemade bombs to resist being deported to camps. Although their efforts were successful the first 2 times Himmler's armed forces eventually defeated the rebels and moved all members to a death camp as a present for Hitler's Birthday.

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