Russell Simmons

Leadership research assignment

Age and job

Russell Simmons is 58 year old and is co founder of def jam and has his own television show, he also has a advertising agency and etc.

Family life and background

Russell Simmons was born in queen new york city. He went to august martin high school and graduated at the city college of New York. He has two brothers his older brother is an abstract expressionist painter his younger brother is one of the hip hop group D.M.C.

Russell Simmons quote

"Be encouraged. Stay on your hustle. You can't fail until you quit


1.He was one of the richest figures in the hip hop community with a net worth of tree hundred million in 2011

2.He been vegan since 1999

3.He describes himself as a Christian yogi with a love and respects for all religions

4. He has his own management company

5. He created a clothing company called phat farm clothing

How he became a leader

Russell Simmons has strong emotional intelligence. He has a positive attitude in interview and has passion and openness to wealth. He has team value he say "creative and talented people.

Influencing Events

He help fight wars poverty and Hiv/AIDS. He also a philanthropist who help others and donates money for cost.