POHW Before & After Poster

By Megan Hammond

Hollis' Outlook on Life

In the beginning Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from foster homes. In the end, she is happy to be a part of the Regan family.

Direct Quote: "Every month we go to Long Island to see her in her kitchen with Henry, and the pelican, and the tree figures she still carves, while Beatrice patters around fixing tea for all of us."

Page number: 165

2. Hollis' attitude

In the beginning Hollis is pretending to be this girl who can not be hurt and can not have hurt feelings. At the end Hollis is letting out her soft side. She is letting everybody know that she can get hurt feelings and she can get sad.

Direct Quote: "Josie put her hand under my chin and tilted my face so I had to look at her. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. I did cry then, but just for a moment. If I had let myself go I would have had a hard time stopping."

Page number: 141

3. The relationship between Hollis and the Mustard Women

In the beginning Hollis really did not like the mustard women. Through out the book Hollis has mixed emotions about the Mustard women. At the end Hollis tries to get along with the Mustard women because she let Hollis stay with the Regans.

Direct Quote: " The Mustard women shows up regularly to say hello, nodding and smiling as if they were who changed my whole life. I don't say anything."

Page number: 165

4. Hollis trusting people

In the beginning Hollis says she can not trust anyone because her parents left her on the streets. At the end she understands that she can trust her family and the people that she loves.

Direct Quote: "But the picture, and why it doesn't match the first one."

Page number: 166

5. Steven and the Old Man

Steven and the Old man in the beginning always fought. This is the main reason that Hollis ran away. She thought that them fighting was all her fault but teen age boys and girls always fight with their parents. At the end they still fight but it does not bother Hollis as much as it did before.

Direct Quote: " They still argue, sometimes so loudly I put my hands over my ears. When they see me they smile."

Page number: 164

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6. Josie and Hollis' relationship

In the beginning Hollis really did not think that she would enjoy Josie and she could not get comfortable with Josie. Hollis thought that Josie would be a crazy women and/or Josie would be just another women who she is with for a couple of months or weeks and then runs away.

Direct Quote: "It wasn't just that she was movie-star beautiful, or that she was wearing a blue dress made of flimsy stuff that floated around her, and rings on eight of her fingers. It was this: She had a knife in one hand. She held it in front of her so it caught the glint of late-afternoon sunshine and became a silvery light itself ."

Page number: 7

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7. Beatrice and Hollis' relationship

In the beginning Beatrice gave her a really nice complement and Hollis did not know how to take it because everyone that has taken Hollis in has never given Hollis a complement before. This meant that in the relationship between them in the beginning was awkward. Then as the story moved on they got really comfortable with each other. At the end of the book they were so close that Beatrice was so worried because Hollis did not tell her that they were at Branches that Beatrice came home to N.Y.

Direct Quote: "You have a beautiful face. I swallowed. I didn't want to take the hat off. I wanted to leave it on forever."

Page Number: 32

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