Car Salesman

By Spencer Hubler. Brought to you by Hubler Automotive Group

Be a Car Salesman Today!

Being a car salesman could be your favorite career if you give it the chance. Would you like working with the best cars on the market? Or even test drive them? Do you like to decide what you get? Do you easily get along with people? Are you good at persuading? If you answered yes to any of these then selling cars might be for you. As a car salesman your main job is to SELL CARS, but to do that you need to know the product you are selling just as any other salesman. Also, you need to be friendly to your customer, and make sure you use proper etiquette and good grammar. The only real problem to selling cars is that you have to work longer hours and Saturday, but if you love your job and co-workers then it will just seem like fun!


  1. Get what you earn: you work on commission so the more you sell you the more you make
  2. New Car: You can test drive the newest and nicest cars on the market!
  3. No College: If (for whatever reason) did not go to college you can still be a car salesman as it only requires a high school degree
  4. Cheaper Cars: If you or a friend needs a car they could buy it off you through the dealer cost!
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