Our Week in ELA!

October 12-16, 2015

Our Week in ELA!

I am looking to a fun-filled week! Here is what we will be doing!


Tuesday: Chapter 1 "Speed Analysis"

Wednesday: Inspirational Starter (Mrs. R) and Chapter 2

Thursday: Student-led starter activity and Chapter 2

Friday: Expert Groups

Homework for the Week!

Here is our Homework at a Glance!

Monday: finish Chapter 1 and handout in Literature Section

Tuesday: Vocabulary Maps (16-20)

Wednesday: Begin working on "Inspirational Starter" proposal - due Tuesday, 10/20

Thursday: complete Chapter 2 and handout (Literature Section)

Friday: "Inspirational Starter" proposal - due Tuesday, 10/20

Hope you are enjoying our novel! More to come this week!

Word of the Week

Use it and earn a point!

amicable: (adj) - having a peaceful and pleasant spirit

There will be an amicable agreement made between both sides of the debate