The Ancient People of America

Lenni Lenape Tribe

Lenni Lenape Family Fun

Quentin C.

The Lenni Lenape Indians would all hunt together as a tribe. They would also play games and the kids would play like we do now. The men and boys would wrestle each other to make them stronger. The women and little girls would play with dolls. The men also practice throwing sphere as a game though. A spear like instrument about 7 feet long was tossed down a prepared through in the snow. The trough was prepared the night before and allowed to refreeze so it would be lined with ice. The object was to see who could get it to go the farthest. They also played lacrosse together men vs. women. They also would play soccer or something g close to that. On the games they played some people would bet on who would win.

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Survival Skills for Lenni Lenape

William W.
The Lenni Lenape had to battle many harsh elements to stay alive. Some of their survival skills include, they could stay warm in the winter, and keep a steady supply of food. First, to keep warm in the winter, the Lenni Lenape used thick deer hide. Second, another technique they used for warmth was the way they built their shelters. The way they engineered them was by keeping thick mud over the shelters to provide insulation, and to have a fire they cut holes in the house to allow smoke to exit. Third, is how they caught fish for food. The Lenni Lenape created smart fish traps to catch a good amount of food. It was engineered by creating a small canal exiting the river into a small pool. The way it catches the fish is it creates a study current facing toward the river; this allow vacuum like canal to suck any fish in the small pool. The last technique they used to get food was agriculture. The Lenni Lenape grew many foods like corn, pumpkins, berries, squash, and many more. One farm could feed up to about 30 people for one year. These are a few survival skills the Lenni Lenape used to survive.

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Lenni Lenapes hand-made Weapons

Charlie B.

Lenni Lenape used stone clubs, bows and arrows, atlatl’s, and knives for defense. They also used wood or animal skin shields. These are weapons they used to fight the Paxton boys. These tools played an important role in the Lenni Lenape’s lives. The tools were made of wood, flint and for sharper tools they used finer grain rock for a sharper edge. The tools that they used for daily life were scrapers, harpoons, bow and arrows, and millstones. “About the Lenape.” December 07, 2009.Web. Feb. 2013.

The Lenni Lenape how did they survive

Jake B.

The Lenni Lenape were a group of highly sophisticated people that lived in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and central and eastern Pennsylvania. They participated in both hunting and farming. Their land contained a large assortment of large game and small game including deer, bear, elk, fox, opossum, muskrat, beaver, squirrel, and rabbit. They also fish as a form of food. In their culture nothing went to waste. They used bone for fashioning tools and toys as well as needles. They also used sinew for thread. They also made maple sugar and had a very abundant supply of natural honey. Cultivated garden plots usually contained corn, beans, pumpkins or squash, and tobacco.

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