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September 20, 2019

Valuing Teachers

This week certified staff signed our contracts and non certified also received information regarding your yearly salary too. I joked with many of you about what a comment could be on the document which is "pay me more". Kingsport teachers do have a very competitive salary for the area, but when thinking about teacher, and frankly any school personnel, salaries in comparison to other professions it is very clear that as a country we do not pay our profession enough. Last Sunday, Sunday Morning, one of my favorite programs, aired a segment about teachers (mainly in Oklahoma) and how they struggle because they have chosen to be in this profession. We know there are always more meetings scheduled then there are actually hours in the day. We know that we work far beyond the hours in the day because who on earth actually works a 7 hour day and actually gets it all done--case in point it is 10:30 pm and I'm working on this news letter. Anyway, for those of you who may have missed it, I wanted to share it with you. It is a thought provoking piece that is rather sad commentary about how teachers are treated for the hard work that we do.
A real education: The plight of teachers

Some Updates For The Morning Options

Our goal for the morning to provide options for our students and to spread out our students so we can create several positive environments before school starts. Please keep these updates and changes in mind every morning.

1. We had been stopping students from going to the Cafeteria at 8:00 in order to clear the halls and keep folks from transitioning so late before the bell rings. We are going to change that to about 8:03 in order to serve more hot lunches. The cafeteria staff are having to throw away more food than they would prefer. The extra three minutes would hopefully decrease that.

2. The other benefit of serving in the cafeteria until 8:03 will be to hopefully move along some of our 5th graders who are moving rather slowly in the AM and clogging the hallways when they should be in class.

3. Please only send students outside to the track that are in the designated grades for that day. We do not want to increase students in a given area just so we don't have to address them in another location in the building. If the group outside is grades 2 and 3---then they are the only ones who should be on the track. We have had students who are asking for permission to get out side given permission but not on their day. Moving forward, we are only giving permission for students of designated grades to go out to walk.

Achievement Measurement Forms for 19-20 SY

This past week I will own that I was about as clear as mud with leadership team regarding the new options for designating the 15% of our LOE for teacher evaluation process. I am happy to say that I was not the only administrator that needed more clarification on this options and it was a robust discussion at our meeting on Wednesday. Here is what I clarified:

  • Graduation rate is not available for elementary teachers to use for their Achievement Measure starting this year.

  • Growth scores will come from the school's TVAAS composite score. HOWEVER, if a teacher's individual growth score is higher than the school's it will trump the school's growth score for determining LOE.

  • The remainder 15% will come from an Achievement Measure chosen by the teacher . Choices include from overall TVAAS-- Literacy, Numeracy , Literacy and Numeracy, or the Composite score (this includes science).

  • If you are a 3-5 literacy teacher you must choose an option that includes literacy and if you are a 3-5 math teacher you must choose an option that includes numeracy . A note to think about is that you might do best by diversifying your options for Achievement Measures. Having Literacy and Numeracy could be a win for all. Also, since this is the first year of Science and we are unsure what it will look like for scores, if you choose the composite you are choosing the science test. The option of literacy and numeracy will have diversity without science.

The new form (and it also has the state's rational and explanation included) is in the attachment below.) All forms need to be completed by next Friday and put in an envelop in Suzanne's Mailbox in the office. If you have questions please ask. Administrators had plenty, so don't be shy, we seem to all be in the same boat.

Do you know anyone who would like a part time job as an IA?

We currently have two IA positions open and need to fill them---like yesterday. For the past week Judy has called all the individuals that we see in the pool that is labeled as ready to interview. Of those 10+ calls...we had one interview. Yes. I. Said. One. We are in need some some great folks, who love kids, want to make a difference, and can support our mission her at Lincoln. If you know of anyone who might fit this description please encourage them to apply with the district for an Instructional Assistant position. Also, let me know the names of any one you refer or think I should take a look at in the pool. Thanks for your help in finding us quality staff members.

The Week Ahead

9/23-9/24--Suzanne and Kristen at SCALI Conference

9/23--4th grade trip to Rocky Mount

9/23--Faculty Meeting--Teachers presenting vertical standards work for the month 3:40--library

9/24--PLC ELA--Review of student work in conjunction to the standards--various classrooms

9/25--Math PLC--Review of student work in conjunction to the standards--various classrooms

T2L Leads 2019-2020 Cohort

KCS will be continuing the T2L (Transforming Teaching and Learning) Lead work again this year and are excited to have some great opportunities for those teachers that interested in participating. The T2L 2019-2020 Cohort is now accepting applications. The deadline to apply is Friday, October 4th.

Check out these links for more information!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Laurie Norris, Coordinator of Innovative Education, by email at or by phone at 423-378-8596.

Mirror Mirror On the Wall......

While it is a bit crooked, and we will work on that, the fabulous "Skinny" mirror has been put back up in the office bathroom. We encourage everyone to needs a self esteem boost to come on by and get your fill of the reflection you get from the Skinny Mirror. It just about will make anyone's day!

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