Fisheries Officer

By: Mady W.

What's a fisheries officer and what do they do?

A fisheries officer is someone that tries to protect the fish in fresh or salt water, and also to keep the water in the body of water from carrying unwanted items into the bodies of water. What a fisheries officers duties are that they have to deal with water pollution reports, survey rivers and lakes for fish, and the population of the body of water. Water pollution reports mean that if a company is putting unwanted materials into the water. For example a paper company, they might take the water from the bay, but put the water back but this time it there’s chemicals. They will have to take surveys to see how many types of fish are in the body of water and what they are doing in the bodies of water. The population of the water just means how many of each kind of fish is in the water.

What is the salary pay for a year on the job?

If you’re thinking about being a fisheries officer, you just might want to know what you’re yearly pay maybe. A median of being a fisheries officer is $48,800.00 per year. In the United States there’s three states that have the highest yearly salaries in the United States. The first state that has the largest pay is Maryland, paying the highest mean of $67,430.00. The second highest paying state is California, which the mean price is $65,730.00 per year. Third place state that has the highest paying mean for a fisheries office is Nevada, paying $61,620.00 per year.

What degrees do I have to get in college to be a fisheries officer?

In college you should get a bachelors degree. You should obtain the bachelor degree of many thing. The first thing you should get a bachelors degree in is wildlife science. Second thing you should receive a bachelors degree in is biology or something in relationship in that field. Another thing you should accomplish a bachelors degree in is criminal justice. The last thing you should get is a minor in biology. If you get all of these degree, they will make your job more easier.

What is the environmental relationship between the environment and job?

The environmental relationship between the environment and job is that you’re trying to protect the environment from unwanted items to enter the water or for the item to kill the fish. You would be taking water samples to see if the water has too much chemicals in it, or if there’s a certain problem in the water. For example, if you have a big zebra mussels problem, you would want to stop the problem and warn people about it. You would have to take test on the fish to see what kind it is, how long its been there, and where it came from. These question that you have to solve with help protect the lake, rivers, and fish survive.

What are some advantages of being a fisheries officer?

Some advantages of being a fisheries officer is that you get to handle fish, you get to be out on the water, you could travel, and you can hang out on a boat all day. I think that handling fish is something fun to do. If my family and I go out fishing, I help take off the fish we catch. To me taking off fish is cool because I think that fish are a cool to be able to see and touch. My dad and grandpa loved to fish, so I learn many things from them. I enjoy spend my my summer out on the water fishing and swimming. In the summer I also enjoy helping my dad with the boat. So these are the reasons why I should be a fisheries officer!

What is a disadvantage of being a fisheries officer?

Some disadvantages of being a fisheries officer is weather, water conditions, location, buying supplies and a boat. You wouldn’t want to go out on a day when the wind is gusting at 15 mph because some time it can be hard with the waves on the boat. The waves sometimes make the boat go up and down making it hard to find the information that is needed. The water condition is really just another other factor to having waves. Also the location of the place of the lake or river, the landing at the location maybe be a factor too. If you had this job, you might have to buy a boat to do the test on. And also the supplies you need on the boat that you could have.

Some cool facts about a fisheries officer are....

Some cool facts about fisheries officer is that it has been around in certain countries for hundreds of years. Some things that you should have or do to be good at being a fisheries officer is
  • A comprehensive background investigation
  • A physical test, including cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility and swimming
  • A written aptitude test
  • An oral board interview with four officers and a biologist
  • A polygraph exam
  • A psychological exam
  • A medical exam (following the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines)
You should have a clean background, so no run in with law or cops. Also the want you to be physically fit for doing the job. You also have to take many test and reports to be a fisheries officer. If you are good at all of these things then, you should be a fisheries officer!

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