Tried, Tested, and Transformed

How the War Impacted Females Factory Workers

Women & Factories

I was just a regular Canadian house wife living in peaceful Manitoba until a domino effect events and propaganda ending up persuading my husband to join the war. Eagerly, I was there for women and helped shape our image by joining the war as a munition factory worker. I was ready to show the country what we were capable of - one built weapon at a time.

TRIED: 1914-1918

The Great War was certainly a bloody, horrible, conflict that I even believe it will go down in Canadian history. Many of us women faced difficulties without our loved ones by our sides. Some of us never saw their faces again. Disregarding these tragedies, this war brought new opportunities for women too. Facing sexism, deaths, and danger, us women pulled through and changed the views of Canadian women forever.

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TESTED: 1919-1923

After the war, a few factory workers were no longer needed and were let go. Men even replaced the jobs. Though women were still being of employed because of how "cheap" we were to the companies. This shift in gender roles took some getting used to, but by the end of the war, women had proved to themselves and to the country that they could do any job a man could—and do it well! It may have been the end of the war, but the start of our rights.

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TRANSFORMED: 1924-1929

The late 1920s involved new jobs and new rights for women. The war was long gone and Canada was starting to build a new and better reputation. Female political changes included rights to run in the Senate. Us women were transformed socially when we began training for sports. New jobs were made were women and we won the right to be included as "people". But that all had started to go down with the black market excelling the real economy.

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