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  • Senators must be atleast 30 years old.
  • You must be a citizen of the United States , 9 years before the election.
  • And legal residents of the state they represent.

Terms Of Office

  • 6 years terms
  • Run for election after 2 years.

Salary and Benifits

  • In 1789 salaries for both houses were $6 per day.Low pay in the early years deterred some people from running for Congress.
  • Congress has voted itself periodic salary increases.
  • Twenty Seventh Amendment was finally ratified by the required 38 states.

Priviliges of Members

  • It provides cenratin priviliges to protect them while carrying out their legislative duties.
  • Members of congress cannot be sued for anything they say on the senate floor.
  • This priviliges does not extend to what members may say outside of Congress.