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Working Together for School Success

Making the Transition Back to School and Learning

Quick Tips
  • Maintain a regular and healthy sleep schedule
  • Celebrate progress
  • Have open, age appropriate questions regarding changes related to Covid-19
  • Encourage hand hygiene and mask etiquette
  • Listen empathetically and without judgement to your child's concerns, remembering that they may be experiencing more anxiety than is typical
  • Create structure, rules and routines at home
Creating Structure and Rules

Learn more about giving directions, creating rules and best practices in discipline. https://www.cdc.gov/parents/essentials/structure/index.html

Managing Transition

Explore more tips on managing transitions for primary school age children. https://coronavirus.beyondblue.org.au/i-am-supporting-others/children-and-young-people/managing-your-childs-transition-back-to-school.html

Safe Use of Technology

Safe use of technology and digital citizenship has become increasingly relevant. The ever changing digital landscape can be best managed by children when parents play an active role in teaching skills related to technology use.

Family Media Plan

Consider your family's unique set of values, interests, and practices by making a customized media plan! Use the link below to create a media plan and media time calculator. https://www.healthychildren.org/English/media/Pages/default.aspx

What is Digital Citizenship?

Check out this link to learn more about teaching key components of digital citizenship. https://www.aeseducation.com/blog/what-is-digital-citizenship#:~:text=Digital%20citizenship%20refers%20to%20the,with%20society%20on%20any%20level

Canvas Parent University

BCPS has created "Parent University" as a tool for caregivers helping their students navigate Canvas. Please click on the link below to view these informative videos.


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Who to Contact for More Information:

Bethany Lyle, School Counselor - bethany.lyle@bedford.k12.va.us Christine Christmas, School Psychologist - chirsitine.christmas@bedford.k12.va.us ORES: (540) 586-9210