Are the blue jays really lucky?

couple gets free ticket upgrade for wearing blue jay gear

is west jet really that nice

A couple gets very lucky after a west jet employee see them wearing blue jays gear. west jet employee shows respect to his fellow blue jays fans by giving them a little surprise. west jet show that they really care bout there customer.

what really happened

A couple was just headed to Montreal, when a man that worked for west jet approached them and asked for there boarding passes. At first the couple was kinda confused, but then he came back and said ‘These are your new boarding passes and go Blue Jays!’” the couple then realized that they got upgraded for wearing blue jays gear, and were very happy. After they got upgraded, Corbiere said “We were shocked, It shows how much in-love with this Blue Jays team that everyone is.” this show that blue jays fans don't only support the team they also support there fellow blue jays fans. in conclusion may be if you wear some blue jays gear you might get a free upgrade for a flight.