A First-Time Mother's Guide To Newborn Care

Newborn care is part of the responsibilities associated with motherhood. For first-time mothers this responsibility can sometime be scary. Since first-time mothers do not have first-hand experience on caring for newborn babies, they tend to ask experienced mothers for some tips, advice, and techniques that they can use to properly perform their roles.

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Since newborn infants spend most of their time eating and sleeping, mothers should assure that their babies are safe and are protected against any harmful materials. The cribs of newborn babies should be free from toys, blankets, and other things that might cause suffocation. It is also important that newborn babies are never left unattended on bouncer and car seats or in baby swings as these materials may cause damage of the spine of the babies. First-time mothers should make sure that they have nasal aspirator bulb at hand because newborn babies tend to expel mucus from their throat or mouth.

Newborn babies are usually bathed a few days after they were born. To be sure, mothers should ask the assigned pediatrician for their baby about the suggested day that the baby should be bathed. A few-week old baby should be bathed using a wash cloth or lukewarm water. First-time mothers should make sure that their babies' umbilical cord did not get wet. Instead, they can clean it using a Q-Tip that was dipped in alcohol. When bathing the baby, mothers should never leave them unattended to prevent drowning.

With the pediatrician's permission, first-time mothers should engage their newborn babies in exercises designed for babies. Baby exercises can help babies develop muscle coordination and strength. Engaging into baby exercise also enables first-time mothers to bond with their babies.

Aside from taking care of their newborn babies, first-time mothers should also focus on taking care of themselves. Even if it requires a great amount of time to take good care of newborns, mothers should not forget to get pampered. Mothers should be able to care for their newborns if they are well-rested.

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