Inquiry at the Intermediate Level

The Four Stages of Research

  1. Exploring: inquiry of the topic is initiated by the student.
  2. Investigating: what is your focus? Create a plan and find appropriate information about your focus. Use appropriate sources.
  3. Processing: What information have you found, does it make sense? Organize your findings in a logical way.
  4. Creating: using the information found, create a product that shows what you have found throughout your inquiry learning.

Skills Involved in Inquiry

Inquire: Inquiry Process

Strategies to Facilitate the Learning of These Skills

  1. Communication Skills -- have students do activities that allow them to work on communicating. For example, during problem solving in math be sure to have students work through the whole process, as well as communicate how they solved the problem.
  2. Reflects on the Learning Process -- Give students the opportunity to provide feedback to other students. One positive and a next step.
  3. Teach them about appropriate sources and how to find them.
  4. Teach them how to organize their information in a logical way. For example, the use of jot notes and graphic organizers.