Paul revere

Carter Boyd


Do you know about Paul revere if not I will tell you a little about him. I will tell you about his early life, family and his mid life. If do not know about him I will tell you.

Early Life

Paul revere was born in Boston Massachusetts in January 1 1735. At age 13 he began to learn gold and silver trades. Paul went to school at North grammer school in Boston. Paul earned extra money by ringing bells. Each day he did that at a near by old north church.

Mid life

At age 13 Paul was done with school. He left and began to learn how to be a silversmith. Then Paul took over his family business. Paul was 2nd in line of 12 children. He was also a son of Apollos De Revoire. His father died in 1754.


Paul had 9 kids. His Daughter's Harriet,Maria,Sarah,Isanna,Lucy,Deborah. His sons Joseph,Joshua,Paul Revere J.r, sisters Mary, and France's. Brothers John, Thomas. And his Mom Deborah Hitchborn. Dad Apollos. That is Paul revere's family.


In conclusion I told you a little about Paul revere. Did you know all the things I said In this article. I hope you liked my article. All about Paul revere. Did you know all of Pauls family?



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