Act of Union 1841

Historical Significance

Lord Durham

John George Lamtbon, 1st Earl of Durham

Born in the April of 1792, and past away in the July of 1840. He is also known as Radical Jack.

Lord Durham was the British North America Government's statesman. In 1838 for the first time ever Lord Durham went to Lower Canada as a Governor-General to clean up the rebellion between a place in Upper Canada and a place in Lower Canada. Soon after that in 1839 he wrote a report to British, suggesting if they can make Upper and Lower Canada as one, to unite the British and French.

The Durham Report

Wednesday, Sep. 10th, 12am

British North America, Upper Canada

The Durham Report was written by Lord Durham four months after he went to Lower Canada. The report is written to British, suggesting that they should unite Upper and Lower Canada as one (The United Province of Canada).

Act of Union

The Act of Union

Wednesday, Feb. 10th 1841 at 12am

British Parliament

The Act of Union was enacted the July of 1840, and was proclaim on the February 10th of 1841, after the Durham Report was sent to British in 1838.


Out of the whole Durham Report British government only accepted part of it.

The Act of Union had united Upper and Lower Canada, which means it united the French and British. The British had most of the power, while the French just had a little. Although French have little power, to enforce a law the French have to agree to be able to enforce the law.

United Province of Canada

Since Upper and Lower Canada is united, Lower Canada is called Canada West, and Upper Canada became Canada West, together they formed the United Province of Canada.

Although it is the new Canada at that time it still runs on colonial government system. The Act of Union had banned the French language as official language and make English the official language. It had but French-Canadian civil law in place.


Even though the Canada East had a bigger population than Canada West, for both as being the province of Canada, British and French will both take the same a amount of seats in British Parliament, which means 42 seats.

All across the Province of Canada 1100000 people were affected by the change. 450000 people from Canada West and 650000 from Canada East. That means mostly everyone is affect by the Act of Union!

The Change

The the Act of Union was proclaim in 1841 and Canada had only became an official country in 1867. To me the change had lasted from the start of the Durham Report until now and it will go on.

There will be conflict every now and again between the British and French because when the Province of Canada was find French and Canada already have a problem. French and Canada had never agree on the same problem and try to resolve it. Many conflict and problem had ended in a war. Fist the French had not agree on the Act of Union then through many decision.

Other Historical Significance

Rebellion in The Thirteen Colonies 1775

In the Thirteen Colonies people started to protest towards the British Government, then the protest turn into rebellion in 1775. Then the rebellion turn in to a eight year war, ended in 1783.

The Great Migration 1815

The British had move over 800000 people to British North America between 1815-1850.

The War of 1812

This a war between United State and British North America. When the French dethroned their monarchs and became the French Republic. Other place that have a monarchs was worried so it when to war against the French Republic.


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