Principal's Update

From Dr. Duffy, James Monroe High School

Update for October 16, 2020

Good afternoon, Yellow Jackets. This is Dr. Duffy, Principal of James Monroe High School with another weekly update,

Return to School

As you may have heard, we are offering students with specific needs to return to school in November on a limited basis. At the same time, we are finalizing plans for the possible return of students in January. The program beginning in January will follow a hybrid model of a combination of face-to-face and distance learning. We will be in touch with you to update your return-to-school preferences that you provided through a survey at the beginning of the year.


I want to thank everyone for following the attendance protocols we established in the second week of school—that is, email or call your homeroom teacher to confirm your attendance status for the day.

Student Activites Update

Finally, I am glad to share information about the many activities that are already underway, as well as those that are coming up soon.

  • · I want to thank all of the seniors who were able to come to school to this week to sit for their senior portraits. It was great to see you on campus.
  • · The virtual Ceili Leahy Day of Service program has been extended to run through December. JM students are making cards and writing letters and sending artwork and messages of cheer to Mary Washington hospice patients and residents of a senior living community. JM students are also pen pals with 5th grade students at Lafayette Upper Elementary School and with senior living residents at Spring Arbor of Fredericksburg, Virginia.
  • · Many of our sports teams continue to hold workouts: Our cross country, basketball, field hockey, football, and volleyball teams have been hard at work. We are also planning to start track work outs soon. We have implemented strict protocols that ensure our students can safely participate in these activities. Please contact Mr. Griffin, our Athletic Director, if you have any questions.


SCA Elections

Congratulations to our SCA officers who were recently elected to the following offices:


President: Monzerath Sandoval

Vice-President: Jenna Helm

Treasurer: Gabriel McLeod

Historian: Crystal Barnett


President: Noah Lucas

Vice-President: Madison Mosley

Treasurer: Ryland Holland

Historian: Piper Hart


President: Jacob Wigglesworth

Vice-President: Ahzadara Scott

Treasurer: Allen Johnson

Historian: Merissa Reid


President: Nooria Durrani

Vice-President: Logan Connor

Treasurer: Makenna Hine

Historian: Jamie Weiss

Principal's Advisory Committees

I want to encourage parents and students to please reach out to me by phone or email if you are interested in serving on the Principal’s Parent Advisory Committee or Principal’s Student Advisory Committee. I am very interested in hearing from a wide range of stakeholders as we strive to provide the best educational program at James Monroe High School.