by:Sam Bolt


Have you ever wondered what the BFL is? Well if you want to learn what it is you came to the right book. The BFL is like eating a chocolate bar and chocolate bars are the best so the BFL must be too. But in this book you will learn why the BFL is the greatest football league in the world. Well that's what I think and my dad and my two brothers. Well for the first paragraph I will talk about how you can score. In the paragraph after that one I will tell you about the bad stuff that people do. For my last paragraph I will tell you how we can stop people from getting to their end zone and run around and other things. Then it's my ending about how the BFL started then my book is over.

TD's for Teams

In this first paragraph you will learn how we score in the BFL.
One way you can score is by throwing a pic six. To do that you have to throw the ball to someone on your team and if someone on the other team catches the ball and runs it to their their end zone. Then they put seven points on the board. Another way to score is if someone throws you the ball and you catch it and you run it to your end zone without someone on the other team tagging you. Then you would put seven points on the board for your team. Then the last but not least way to score is by field goals and instead of counting the field goals by three points we count them by seven points. Well that's all the ways we score in the BFL.

Penalties and more...

Now here's the part about the bad stuff that people do in the BFL.
The first bad thing that people do is in every game we play we argue and I'm serious when I said every game and I the one who starts them so this is my fault that we argue. Another way that something bad we do is sometimes in a game someone gets so mad that someone hurts someone else and then we have to go home most of the time. Then this one isn't as bad as the other ones in every game someone on one of the teams gets one or two flags and like I said it's not as bad as the other ones. Then the last and worst bad thing someone does is quit the league like a trader and this happened last year in 2014 my brother Nicolas who is now 18 years old and he has a job and a new life working at pizza hut he was the one who quit the league like a trader. Now even when he has about to hours of free time he just naps on the couch like a couch potato. Well that's all the bad things we do in the BFL.

Bolting Bustling Boys

Here's the part where you get to run around chase someone down the field and what we do in warm ups.
The first way thing we do is when we warm up we do the 40 yard dash and that's where you run from the goal line to the 40 yard. The next thing we do in warm ups is we just sprint as far as we can and my highest is the 73 yard line and I just got the last when we played our BFL game. But when we play our games we play from the 30 yard line. Another thing we do is in games we burn off energy because you're chasing someone down the field or you're trying to out run someone. The last but not the least thing we do is when you're on defense and you're covering someone you have to stay with them because you don't want them to score TD so you're going to have to use some energy to keep up with them. Well that's the way we can run around and the other good stuff.

How it all Started

One day when I was six years old my dad blurted out that we were going to make a football league called the BFL. Then there was joy climbing up to my face in the next second I was bouncing around my house like I ate 400 sugary goodness chocolate bars. Well that was my book so I hoped you liked how I told you how I score in the BFL and all the other awesome stuff I told you about like how much stuff people do bad and that we run around a lot. Well this is the part how it all started and it's also my ending of my book.
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