Hard-luck cat seeks soft bed

Shy senior cat with FIV -- was abandoned, needs home

Archie needs a special home.

I rescued Archie off the streets of Baltimore in January 2013. He was emaciated, had a raging upper respiratory infection, and his mouth was an infected, stinky mess. He was also TERRIFIED, although when you started petting him, he'd immediately begin to purr. At some point, Archie belonged to someone and knew love... but it had obviously been a long, long time ago.

Archie was already neutered, and my vet estimated him to be around 10 years old. But I believe he had been living on the streets for quite some time, judging by how traumatized he was. (And obviously he was not faring very well as a street cat... he was skin and bones!) He seemed to be very afraid of humans, more so than I would expect simply because of a shy/timid personality, which leads me to think he may have been abused. (Either by his previous family or while he was living on the streets.)

In addition, poor Archie was in terrible physical health, but surprisingly, bloodwork showed that all his levels were fairly normal for a cat of his age -- no kidney issues, no hyperthyroidism. But his mouth was a mess -- it was infected and painful, so much so that he would cry out in pain when he ate. He also turned out to be positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). While not a major health issue, the virus does weaken a cat's immune system and often leads to dental issues.

We determined that Archie had oral stomatitis, and unfortunately the only remedy for that is to extract most of a cat's teeth. (He still has his canine teeth, but the rest have been removed.) This has helped quite a bit.

His psychological wounds seem to be healing as well. He's a timid guy, but is very interested in people -- you can tell he's conflicted, because he'll meow for your attention and let you get close, but then often runs off when you try to pet him! He does LOVE to be petted, but it needs to be in a place where he feels safe, and on his terms. He will also sneak up on the bed at night, after I've fallen asleep, and will curl up next to my feet. He's a cat who wants to be loved, and just needs people who understand him and will take their time with him.

Archie needs a special home -- ideally with a single adult or couple, as I don't think he's well-suited to being around children. He's very sweet and gentle, but very easily scared. He's probably never going to be a cat who runs to greet you and hops in your lap. However, after all he's been through, he also deserves a real (not foster) home with people who love him and want to provide him with the comforts he's been missing for so long.

He does get along very well with other cats, and is currently living with a large dog -- he's a bit afraid of the dog, but can co-exist with cat-friendly canines. (Although I think he'd prefer the company of humans and other cats.)

Archie is a hard-luck case who isn't highly adoptable -- he's older, is shy, and has some health issues. But I'm hoping someone will open their hearts and homes to this deserving boy, understanding his limitations. He does not require any medication and hopefully no further dental work (since he really doesn't have any teeth left to work on!)... he does prefer canned food to kibble, but that's the only special care he needs right now. Most cats with FIV live a normal lifespan, once they're safely indoors and cared for. FIV is also not something that can be easily transmitted to other cats -- it is primarily spread by deep bite wounds, usually seen in unneutered tomcats who fight. Archie is a lover, not a fighter! He is currently living with non-FIV cats in my home and everyone gets along just fine.

Archie needs a kind-hearted person with room for one more kitty to take a little bit of pity on a less-adoptable senior boy. He doesn't need to be the center of attention, and he doesn't take up much room -- a little corner of your bed, or a nice spot to sleep on an armchair... that's all he needs! Many cats like him never even get a chance at a new life, because rescues and shelters don't think anyone will adopt them -- but as someone who has fostered and owned many less-adoptable pets, I firmly believe there's a home out there for almost every animal. If I didn't already live on the Island of Misfit Cats, I would keep him myself. :) (And I will keep him as long as necessary to find the appropriate home.) But I can't keep every hard-luck animal I find, so I'm counting on YOU, pet loving people, to step up!

There is no adoption fee for Archie, although I will require an adoption application and a reference, preferably from your current/previous veterinarian. Indoor-only/no-declaw home required.

If you can pay it forward and open your heart and home to this down-on-his-luck boy, please contact me and I'll be happy to answer any questions about him. I can be reached at eharty@gmail.com. Archie is located in Baltimore, MD.

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