Save the animals

Does global warming and climate change effect animals

what is the problem

Problem is that people are using too many fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gasses. When we could be using solar, nuclear , or recyclable energy. Also people could use bikes or walk sometimes rather than use cars or trucks all the time .

what is happening because of this problem

what is happening because of this problem is it's affecting animals and wildlife such as aquatic life, land animals, birds and plants.

carbon footprint

You can also help solve this problem by reducing your carbon footprint . Your carbon footprint is the amount of green house gasses you as a person give off by the actions/choices you make .

How to reduce your carbon footprint ; some ways you can reduce your carbon footprint by taking a bike to the store instead of your car ,this gives off less green house gasses .Connecting to that you can reduce your footprint even more by growing your own food like vegetables fruits or maybe owning a farm .This helps because the truck that brings the food you eat gives off green house gasses so so if you grow your own food it doesn't give off as much gasses .Also one other thing you could do is get solar panels on your house rather than using oil or gas for energy, which gives off greenhouse gasses.These are some way that you can reduce your carbon foot print to decrease the global climate .

polar bears

Polarbears have thick fur and webbed paws and are goods swimmers they need the arctic ocean to survive but the temperature is rising and the and the ice is melting so it's hard for them to survive


Bats use echolocation to stalk plants and insect prey and so they don't fly into telephone poles houses and trees, but the climate change hampers the effect of some bat speices to hunt effectively using sound.

Milne-Edwards Sifaka

You are lucky because this kind of lemur may be harder to find in the future. That’s because climate change is making it difficult for some lemur mothers to care for their offspring.