What's Happening in PBS?

Week of 1/11-1/15


Welcome to another week of PBS! I apologize for not getting a newsletter out last week, it was made - but never made it out to you. The first week back is always crazy! Sorry!

To catch you up, we started out the second semester with working on updating their ePortoflios. Then we worked on a stations lab where they were introduced to sickle cell anemia - another one of Anna Garcia's many illnesses. They used microscopes to view cells, determined a hematocrit and learned the key differences in sickle versus normal red blood cells.

We will be starting back into sickle cell tomorrow by recapping the stations and reading through her medical history/autopsy report. Then we will delve into the possible treatment options of people who have sickle cell. The kids will be writing diary entries from the perspectives of kids who are going through the various treatment cycles. Towards the end of the week, they will do some career journals over professionals related to sickle cell treatment. We will finish out the week with an intro into the next section which is Transcription and Translation of DNA into Proteins and how this process malfunctions and causes sickle cell anemia.

As for HOSA this semester...the kids will be getting their new PD sheet on Monday. As a reminder, they have to participate in HOSA to earn 50 PD points throughout the semester just like in the Fall. The first oppertunity will be a T-Shirt day on Wednesday. We have also switched to a new website that has the calendar on it...view it here http://bsfchosa.weebly.com/ It contains info and the links to sign up for volunteer events and any other info the kids might need.

Let me know if you have any questions,

Rachell Weiss