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April was an Amazing Month, Next a Mighty May 2016

Diamond Club Thank You!

How can I say THANK-YOU to those of you who empowered not only yourselves but also those around by all the efford you put into holding or helping with DC classes? You saw what an amazing way DC could help motivate people to come to classes allowing them to learn and begin to understand the amazing blessing dōTERRA Essential Oils are. Each one of you who hosted a class, shared samples, invited people, made phone calls, translated for me, housed me, feed me, made yummy EO treats to share at classes, shared your passion, cared for people, stayed up late, found sites to hold classes, prayed for people, etc, etc, etc. are AMAZING!!

Diamond Club also has a way of really establishing new leaders that are being strengthened, challenged and growing. This is so fun to see happen. To see the energy and feel the passion, gives me goosebumps!!

Then there are those who are the silent, caring, behind the scenes people. These are completely opposite in personality to the excited exuberant sharers, but both are needed and appreciated!! You are an important part of keeping things happening and touching peoples lives.

Where would our team be without every one of you who are the oil/product users. I am so thankful for every one of you as you use the oils, improving how you feel, emotionally, physically and even socially! Listening to your stories on how each of you sharing how you feel better and being able to enjoy your lives more fully is very rewarding indeed. Thank you for being so consistent and faithful. We would NOT be here without you!

Every person involved here is IMPORTANT. And one of the BIGGEST blessings of Diamond Club for me is getting to meet you, talk with you and now work with you! I love, love, love getting to meet you and establishing long term friendships. What fun it is. I am so thankful I got to be part of Diamond Club and blessed to be part of your team!

Special & big THANKS to the following people for all the DC classes that happened in April because YOU saw the need and advantage of Diamond Club and made it happen:

Elaine Bishop

Alina Driessen

Andrea Rittenour

Maria & Hiran Llanes

Marjorie Aleman

Rebeca Cruz

Miles Stafford

Rachel Baird

And a special thanks to two team partners who tried to help me reach my requirements by trying to get a few more classes into April so I could stay in DC and continue to help my team throughout the USA: Tracy Newman & LaVee Hummel (thanks for your vision, passion and prayers)!


April Classes

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Deciding which oils to start the EO journey with!

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A Good Turnout Despite the Storm in Texas!

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May's New PROMO's

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For those of you that didn't make the PETALS INCENTIVE (Jasmine with 4 enrollments, Rose 7 enrollments, or 11 for BOTH Jasmine and Rose) then you may be as excited as I am that we have until May 15th to add to what we already have in April! If you already got to your goal, help one of your downline get to their goal by letting them know about this promo and all the other promos available this month to those that enroll with kits like the Home Essential Kit. They would get the 200 PV promo of Respiratory products!
May is going to be an Mighty FINE month!! We have a 200 PV promo out of the middle of no where. Is corporate feeling the need to BREATHE with all of our need for respiratory care this time of the year? These type of promos go for NEW enrollments AND also for those that are members already! Just make an order ANY time this month for one single 200 PV order and all the below items are automatically added. Want an extra treat? If you place that order on LOYALTY REWARDS no later then the 15th of May, then you'll also get the LRP Product of the Month because you order is over 125PV! Product of the month is 15ml of Cedarwood! BTW, it's also a good Respiratory supportive oil plus other great benefits! Look in your back office for more details!
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EVERY MONTH FOR THOSE ON Loyalty Rewards....
This month, FREE CEDARWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL for those that process an LRP order of 125PV or more by the 15th of May!


And the Winners of the Coveted and Precious Jasmine/Rose Oils

Activity Galore!! Look at those that worked so hard to reach out and minister to others and those that were able to earn the Jasmine/Rose! That is a real treat. I hope you can feel like you can use and enjoy them after you earned them!

11 Maria Llanes - Florida earned Jasmine & Rose!!

11 Kelly Barthelemy - Florida earned Jasmine & Rose!!

4 Mindy Spliethof - Oregon earned Jasmine!

3 Laura Tryon - Oregon

2 Miles Stafford - Texas

2 Marjorie Aleman - Florida

1 Elaine Bishop - Kentucky

1 LaVee Hummel - Oregon

1 Vicki Cunningham - Oregon

1 Payton McSwain - Idaho

1 Alina Driessen - Montana

1 Rebeca Cruz - Florida

1 Hector Capo - Florida

1 Andrea Rittenour - Idaho

1 Sharon Fisher - Idaho

So proud of everyone that is wiling to reach out and share even if you didn't earn one of the 'not for sale' flower oils from the 'In Bloom' program.

New RANKS Reached in April

Excited for each of these advancements!! A lot of sharing is happening!

ELITE - 3000 OV in one month:

Kerry Smith - TIME for ELITE Retreat!!

Kelly Barthelemy - TIME for ELITE Retreat!!

Director - 1,000 OV in one month:

Keylla Rivera

Manager - 500 OV in one month:

Amy Nolan

Laura Tryon

Sheyla Aleman

Marjorie Aleman

Wilma Abdalla

Giovanna Rodriquez

Beatriz Cruz

AROMA TOUCH TECHNIQUE Coming to Eureka, MT June 17th

I want to make sure you on our Miracle Molecules Team have first chance to take advantage of this opportunity, although Kylene, our upline and the instructor has already posted this class on the ATT site. I know some of you who are coming to the Team Tikvah Retreat June 15-16 to our place in Eureka have mentioned you would like to also come to this ATT training. We are even hoping to have a mens table, so we are still looking for at least one more man.

Reasons to be trained in ATT: It blesses others when they have health issues, stress, head tension or pain, grieving or emotional issues, etc. As we all know when we reach out to bless others we ourselves are more blessed!!

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Why and What is Mentoring?


This is especially for those BUILDING the business. But it can also greatly benefit those who love to share especially if you are following up with those you share with or you are hosting/teaching classes. If you love the oils and love using them but aren't really involved with them in any other way then at this point you really would not need any mentoring except an occasional connecting with your upline just to say "HI" and make sure you don't have any questions and you know how to use your back office, etc.

Powerful weekly mentoring sessions
with those joining you on your team and for you with your upline is supportive and very encouraging! This is one area that will help your team grow in a powerful and positive direction!

How: I recommend everyone really wanting to learn and grow or if you have a growing team to get the "Lead doTERRA by Rank" Success Planner from, or They do update this yearly but any edition is better than not having one at all. It covers many needed aspects, but we are focused on mentoring today.

Areas Covered: Celebrate & Validate

Challenges & Upper Limits

Personal Development

Accountability & Expectations

Review & Solidify Commitments

Working on: Mindset



Other kinds of Mentoring available to our TEAM!

TAP Rooting Calls: Mentor calls reaching down 3 or more levels. Valuable to help us who are building. These calls really build strength and unity in a leg by helping us learn how work together to take care of our teams and duplicate.

Upline Classes and Calls: We have amazing upline leaders. Right now Kylene Lessig (diamond) and Amy Glenn (blue diamond) have started monthly calls to help fill in the gaps of our teams as we are growing so fast. These calls help with stratagizing, setting goals and answering questions. If you are Elite or above and are not connected to one of these calls please ask your enroller or nearest active upline or post your interest on our FB page (Operation Share Hope) or one of Kylene's FB pages, or get a hold of me. You need to be included in these they are really good!!

Team Tikvah Calls happen every Thursday 9:00am PDT - 12:00EDT by phone or computer.

"This week's team call is about sharing your oils. What do you say when....

9:00 am PDT/ 10:00 am MDT/ 11:00 am CDT / 12 noon EDT
Dial in or your your computer
650-281-0004 code: 265811#
Your questions are always welcome."

Monday Mentoring Calls happen (can you guess...) every Monday with Amy Glenn (blue diamond) 9:00pm PDT - 12:00am EDT (sorry so late, but most of them are recorded for listening to later!).

For Example:

Monday, April 11, 2016
TOPIC: "Vision Boarding" with
dōTERRA SILVER, Marie Robb Belanger
Thank you so much, Marie!!

Notes from this call are attached in a separate post..."

Take note on all the various FB Group Pages of our team and upline that there are a varity of online classes that happen. Participate if it is needed, let your downline and team know about them, BUT do not feel only watching these will grow your team. Personal development is VERY NEEDED and a MUST, but we must get out and do our own sharing, following/up and hosting or teaching classes to help your team to grow. So manage your time wisely. Set your goals, make them happen every day, week and month!! Excuses to not help your team in any way.

REMEMBER: Duplication happens with the good and the not so good. What do you want duplicated in your team? This applies to our children also, Laren and I have noticed this in our own children!

If you want mentoring and are not currently being mentored, reach out to your enroller and find out how you can get hooked in to weekly mentor calls. As with any growth, sometimes they are not always fun, but may challenge us to face our fears or do those important tasks that are uncomfortable but once you meet that fear or task.. it brings such freedom and more growth. IT IS WORTH IT!! Find out today and get started!!

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TEam Tikvah Retreat, Eureka, Montana, June 15 & 16

Guarenteed to be Educational & Fun!!

SAVE the DATE! More info coming this month on this on FB Group pages. But mark your calendars, look at the map, bring your camping gear. We have lots of space for camping (and an outhouse)! But if that is not to your liking there are motels and cabins available in the area. Check out the list below for details of location and prices. We are only 1.5 hours from Glacier National Park, a great place to visit on the weekend after retreat!!

Praying for GREAT weather!

The 1908 Pruett House Bed & Breakfast

Address: 501 1st Ave E, Eureka, MT 59917

Phone:(406) 297-7079



    Address: 1612 US-93, Eureka, MT 59917

    Phone:(406) 297-7777


For all of you who enrolled someone in APRIL, PLEASE pass this newsletter on to your new team members! I do not yet have them entered in so they will not get this newsletter today without your help. Thank You!!

Laren & Donna Stafford

Crazy lives, 3 wonderful children, attempting to finish our house, gardening, traveling and meeting all of YOU... our Wonderful and Fun Partners in sharing and ministering. God is ever our help and safety! Without HIM we could not do this. We are BLESSED!