Flipped Classroom PD

Learn how to create and use screencasted videos and images!

Why Flip?

Screencasting is a powerful, educational tool that can allow a teacher a teacher to reach students, even when they are home. Instead of written notes and memories of class, students can go home with tutorial videos or screenshot images explaining and reinforcing concepts from class. Screencasted videos allow students to revisit topics and work through the content at their own speed. They can pause, rewind, or even fast-forward through these videos, allowing them to work at their own speed. Screencasted videos allow for students to work at their own pace, rather than being at the mercy of their classmates. Screencasted videos can also allow for a classroom to become “flipped”. In other words, teachers can create videos to explain a lesson to students. Then class time can be used for active exploration of this new material through hands on learning like projects or creation of artifacts. Currently, the classroom is set up that students are lectured in class, then bring the work home to do by themselves. Screencasting can allow teachers to explain a topic to students for homework, and then complete the work together.

Flipped Classroom PD Session 1

Wednesday, Aug. 31st, 8am-1:30pm

30 Wagner Drive

Pawling, NY

Flipped Classroom PD Session 2

Thursday, Sep. 1st, 8am-3:30pm

30 Wagner Drive

Pawling, NY

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Session 1 Agenda

8:00-9:00am- Intro to the Flipped Classroom

9:00-9:45am- Using Jing to Capture Images

9:45- 10:15am- Using Jing Captures with Students

10:15-11:00am- Using Jing to Capture a Screencasted Video

11:00-12:00pm- Lunch

12:00-12:45pm- Using Jing Screencasts with Students

12:45-1:30pm- Guided Practice of Using Jing

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Session 2 Agenda

8:00-8:30am- Examples of Screencasted Videos

8:30-9:15am- How to Script Using Screencast-o-matic

9:15- 9:45am- Creating a Video using Screencast-o-matic

9:45-10:45am- Editing a Screencasted Video.

10:45-11:45am- Lunch

11:45-12:15pm- Screencast-o-matic with Students

12:15-2:15pm- Create your own Screencasted Video

2:15-2:30pm- Uploading and Saving your video

2:30-3:30pm- Share your video with the group!

Why Attend?

The content of this PD will be specific to your classroom!

You will walk away with a screencasted video to your with your students!

I will guide you through every step of the process, both during the PD and after!

About Me

I am an educational technology enthusiast with a masters degree in instructional technology. My goal is to help you discover the newest, best technology available to reshape your classroom and redefine what it means to your curriculum!